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Topic: Reinstall on iPhone 4.3.3

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Hi, I accidentally uninstalled the app on my iPhone 4 and then reinstalled it. But the panoramas made during the first install aren't associated with the app again. How can I re-associate or re-create the panoramas created before? Thanks,
If you didn't upload your panos to before you uninstalled, then you've definitely lost the 3D version, but you should still have the flat version in your iPhone's camera roll. (We write every panorama to the camera roll after it's stitched.)

David and the Photosynth Team.
londos (Over 1 year ago)
I made the same mistake (synced at work and uninstalled everything!)  Is there really no way to convert the flat version back to 3D, like manually associating a few image points with reference points in the "dome"?  I'll have to hike back to Machu Picchu...
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