Topic: New to photosynth

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libbie (Over 1 year ago)
I am new to the app but I think its fantastic. I am lesarning how to use it. Any suggestions the best way to take pics that look great?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi there, Libbie!

Photosynth's mobile app makes panoramas instead of photosynths. 
On Windows, you can use Microsoft ICE to stitch full resolution panoramas and upload them to your account.

Whenever you are shooting panoramas (no matter what software you're using to stitch it), your goal is going to be to keep the camera's lens as close as possible to the same position (height, latitude, longitude) while pointing in as many directions as possible to capture as much of the surrounding scenery as possible. 

This means that you don't want to hold your phone at arm's length and orbit it around your body because that will make foreground objects line up differently with background objects in different shots and you won't get a smooth stitch.

Here's a few links to help illustrate what I'm saying: (read the 'bloopers' section) (Good explanation.)
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
When you use Photosynth's application for Windows to create photosynths instead of panoramas, it's a very different shooting mentality. 

Whereas a panorama is the view all around a single point of view, a photosynth is all about spatially linking many different points of view of the same scene and creating a primitive 3D point cloud model of what you've photographed. 

You can learn more by watching the video crash course: or by downloading and reading the Photosynth Photography Guide from:

I also wrote up an extended intro here:

Photosynth's mobile panorama app only creates and opens panoramas. So far it does not open photosynths. On iPhone you used to be able to use the unofficial iSynth app to view photosynths, but I've had reports that it no longer opens them correctly. I have no direct way of confirming this as I no longer have an iPhone.