Topic: Our iPhone App is now available

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If you have an iPhone (3GS and above), you should try our new free mobile panorama app. Read about it here:

Tell us what you think, especially if you've tried any of the other mobile pano apps out there.

Photosynth Group Program Manager
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
If you would like to see what everyone is uploading with the app, check this link:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
If you search for Photosynth on Twitter, it has been absolute chaos all morning and through the afternoon. 

Trends I've seen: 
:: Lots of people excited and happy, linking to news stories. ツ
:: Windows Phone fans frustrated that the app is only on iOS so far
:: People wishing that they could browse fellow users' panos via the app (I was surprised that this would be absent. Is this really the case?)
:: Some criticism from Robert Scoble, over the lack of 'share to Twitter', stability, etc.
:: Occipital replying to him, saying that competition is good
:: Some folks blindly rejecting the app saying they already use something else
:: Some folks complaining that Silverlight is required to view panos on the site
:: Some jeering news stories about Photosynth now being cool enough for iOS, in reply to the message shown to Mac users during the first seven months of's life, despite the move to the Silverlight viewer, especially for Mac users over two years ago.
michaeldenis (Over 1 year ago)
David and Team: Excellent work!

Nathanael: Great links! (as always)


ps. I've have a few other comments.  First, I have a iNveridux-team member who is also our Apple guru and he is totally pumped about these possibilities.  Getting this type of approach to photography into the mobile market, especially the AppStore, is really huge.

I also want to say that the first comment on the Photosynth Weblog sums things up very well:

"Nice, but more importantly, when are you going to release this:"

Mobile device integration is the next step for 360x180 (Photosphere(tm))-capture  (Again, Great Work~!), whereas the Kopf/~ group's work is the next step for Photosynth viewing. I would love to help make that software the best it can be.  As someone who shoots for it *already* in Photosynth, perhaps there is something I can do to make it happen sooner and better.  :)  Let me know!
mjcf1 (Over 1 year ago)
As a said before, the app is great, hopefully there will be apps for Android and WP7 too very soon
eVacationStore (Over 1 year ago)
Where might I learn about exposure lock in settings?
SteveGlenner (Over 1 year ago)
exposure lock works like this-the iphone camera is basically started up in autoexposure mode, but when the first frame of the pano is taken, the exposure is locked to that setting. If exposure lock is off, then the camera will adjust exposure continuously and you can end up with some bright and some dark frames. The stitching code can deal with exposure differences, but sometimes you can improve the image by starting with exposure lock on. If you want to shoot with exposure lock on, you should try to take the first frame of the pano in a mid-bright direction, not the brightest or darkest. This will ensure the best dynamic range for the overall panorama. You can also go for some creative effects by deliberately starting a locked pano exposure on a highlight or shadow.
I recommend experiementing with it to see how you can get different results.
eVacationStore (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks Steve ... great app BTW
appliancejunk (Over 1 year ago)
Awesome app, works great on the ipod touch 4
GigaView (Over 1 year ago)
You guys are my new heros!  Well, you know you've been my heros for sometime. As an avid Photosynth (Panorama) user with over 200 ultra-high resolution panoramas already up on, this app is a dream come true.  I've only been shooting panoramas in the hundreds of MegaPixels to tens of GigaPixels range for the last year, and uploading to Photosynth (primarily, but also to &  Browsing my work over the last year on my iPhone yesterday has been like having my life flash before my eyes, but without the whole death part.  

The gigapixel delivery combined with the spherical projection viewer is a quatum leap in the panorama viewing experience and it's placeable on Bing Maps  and it's sharable on Facebook!

Oh yeah, it also allows you to shoot panos with your iPhone! The release is a courageous move with users interests in mind.  Very well played.

...and Read/Write World...

Simply beautiful.  Thank you, Team!
yoshihirok (Over 1 year ago)
Please support non-camera iPad, iPod Touch for view Photosynth panorama.
Yes, non-camera device cannot capture photo,
But, we want to see panorama on iPad 1, iPod Touch with our friends
yoshihirok (Over 1 year ago)
Photosynth app is No.1, or No.2 ranking now in Japan.
over 300 recommend, and 5 star by 91% customers.
rezpeni (Over 1 year ago)
Thank you for this incredible free app, this is just amazing. My mind is really blown by what you guys have accomplished with this. I can't believe I am saying this about a Mircosoft product. Every friend I have shown this to has been astounded. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see what improvements are made in the future.
RSPCAmacclesfield (Over 1 year ago)
David and the team,

Congrats on an excellent app! I have used Pano, Superama etc in the past and none have come close to providing the depth that this app provides. I was tempted to buy Occipital's '360 Panorama' but I am very glad I waited. As someone who loves photography but doesn't have much time on their hands, this is a dream come true. Point, shoot, upload, done. Brilliant!