Topic: pictures from iphone are unlisted

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hamiso (Over 1 year ago)
All the pictures I have uploaded from my iphone, seems to be unlisted and not viewable for others. How can I change this? I tried to find a way on the site with the pc, but could not find any way to edit it.

Also; When I try to login with my windows live id on the iphone, I am asked to choose a name on photosynth. But when I type the photosynth name I already have, or any other name, I only get "Failed to create user." What can I do with this?

Hope someone can help.
TonyErnst (Over 1 year ago)
Hamiso - I just looked at your account and I see that all your panos are listed so Im going to assume you figured this out.  For anyone else out there with the same problem you need to sign in to with the liveId you used to create the account.  Then click on my photosynths in the header.  You should now see all your panoramas in a list.  Click on each one and then click the edit button right below the viewer.  Now just choosed "listed" in the visibility radio button and you should be good to go.