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Topic: Error code C101a006 when trying to install

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samcode7 (Over 1 year ago)
Anyone had the same issue? My store currently set to Hong Kong. I couldn't seem to install this app on my NL920, it shows error code C101a006. I can install other apps though. Only photosynth doesn't work. Tried every solution i could found on the web, didn't resolve it. Please advice. Thanks!
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
From Twitter:

@WinPhoneSupport I'm seeing at least one Hong Kong user getting @windowsphone Store error C101a006: Help please. ツ

Argh, c101a006 error @windowsphone Can't download @Photosynth Anyone else issues with market?

@puredeadbrll Yep. It's also reported here:
I passed it on to Windows Phone Support:

@natelawrence oh, glad I'm not the only one. Been waiting since forever for @photosynth but now this.

@joebelfiore: Hi, Joe, quite a no of HK Users having c101a006 error when downloading apps from store. Can you ask your team to have a check pls
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
@WinPhoneSupport Just another user experiencing error c101a006 trying to download apps:

@samcswong, Passed that along to the team.. thx for heads up.

@joebelfiore Hi, Joe. I managed to fix it. Logon to , chg language to Chinese under Billing Contact Info.

@natelawrence, If an user is getting that error, they'll want to go through the steps listed on our support page.  ^EB
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
From the link given by Windows Phone Support in the last tweet:

"c101a006 or "Internal Server Error"

This error code appears when trying to download an app and is caused by incomplete information in your Microsoft account profile or that the Terms of Service for Xbox LIVE were not accepted.

To resolve this, sign in to your Microsoft account (formerly known as Windows Live ID), tap or click Edit personal info, make sure that your Birth date and Home Country/region are completed, and then tap or click Save. 

Note If you see a message indicating that your password is weak, change it to something stronger. If you are prompted to add additional security information, add it. 

Or, sign in to Xbox LIVE using your Microsoft account and follow any prompts to accept the Xbox LIVE Terms of Service."
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
At the time that I was compiling the list of tweets above, I was waiting to hear back from @puredeadbrll to hear whether the problem was resolved for him. He reports that it is.

still can't download anything on my @windowsphone with error c101a006. I guess have to wait till the MS dudes get back to work on Monday.

@puredeadbrll Are you still struggling with this? @WinPhoneSupport reckons this should solve it:

@natelawrence @WinPhoneSupport Thanks I managed to get around the issue by changing my billing language to Chinese rather than English.Weird
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