Topic: Download Panoramas (as jpeg) to my local PC drive

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tatortreiniger (Over 1 year ago)
I remember, that in one former version of photosynth, my panoramas where directly downloaded (as jpeg) to my local pc drive, when I connect my iPhone to my PC.
But now?!

Does anyone know, how I can transfer my iphone made panoramas from my phone to my pc as jpeg? Is the only way, to send each photo one by one via eMail?!?!?!
Or should I upload every picture here to the online account?! But what should I do next?!

Thanks for any ideas and help

Thanks for your help
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, tatortreiniger,

When using Photosynth's mobile panorama app, it creates two differently formatted panoramas: 
1) a cube map for interactive viewing and upload to your account here on 
2) a flattened panorama for saving to your device's camera roll, sharing a flat version to Facebook and Twitter, etc.

I'm assuming you're using an iOS device instead of a Windows Phone. 
I don't have an iOS device handy so can't tell you what the default behavior is these days, but I think that as long as you allow Photosynth's app permission in your iOS app settings, Photosynth's mobile pano app will save the flat panorama to your camera roll by default.

If not, yes, you'll have to download them one by one by sharing them to email, Facebook, Twitter as a non-interactive pano, etc.
On Windows Phone you can also share directly to camera roll. I'm not sure if that option is still in the iOS version.

Yes, definitely upload each of your panos to your account.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Christoph Hausner (a Photosynth user like us) reported at the beginning of 2014 that he was working on adding support to his SynthExport tool to download the sides of a Photosynth panorama's cube map to stitch in Microsoft's ICE panorama stitcher for PC and save as a flat panorama from ICE, but I haven't heard anything from him since then.

Here's where Christoph posted:
chrysler (Over 1 year ago)
Yes I hope to have it ready in a few weeks. Functionality is there but needs more fine-tuning.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
For the record, Christoph did update SynthExport to version 2 which can export any of your panoramas as an Image Composite Editor project which you can then open with Image Composite Editor (or ICE for short) and then save as a flat .jpg etc.

Here is where you download SynthExport:
Here is where you download ICE:

Be sure when you open SynthExport that you select ICE project in the export format in the lower right corner of the window after you've pasted in the link for one of your panoramas on your profile.

Then when SynthExport has saved the six sides of the cube map and created the .spj file, double click the .spj file to open the images in ICE and click 'Next'.

From there, you can use ICE's controls to rotate or change the projection of the panorama and then after that you can choose to crop it and save it.


The Photosynth team added the ability to export your own panos too: