Topic: iPad 1 support for photosynth client?

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tBakke (Over 1 year ago)
Sometimes, I would like to show my photos to friends and family, and nothing works just as great as viewing them in the client (atleast not on ios).
But since I have an iPad 1 i cannot even install the client on my pad, because it doesn't have a camera.

I KNOW it doesn't have a camera. I just want to use it to view the panoramas i've made on my iphone and uploaded to my account.

Any reason you selected not to allow this, besides giving Apple even more ipad sales (ipad2 apparently can install it)? (Over 1 year ago)
Hi tBakke,

You should be able to view them from your iPad's Safari; we have an HTML5 client for viewing Panoramas.  All your photos are listed under your user page: