Topic: Viewing panoramas without having an account

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KTvirtualtours (Over 1 year ago)
when I create the synths, I choose the option "unlisted" to be viewed by others, but when I send the link to someone else, they are asked to create an accout - How can synths be viewed just by clicking on a link, NOT by creating an account.  These synths are homes and people (the public) won't want to create an account just to view.  Please help.  thx.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi there! 

No one should need to sign in to view either your panoramas or photosynths. 

I suspect that you are accidentally sending links to people with the extra "&wa=wsignin1.0" added onto the end of the link, which would force a sign in before viewing. This could happen if you sign into the site when already on a pano's or synth's 'view' page. 

The other (more probable, I suppose) possibility is that you are sending people the link to your panoramas' editing page, rather than their view page. 

Since the editor can only be operated by the owner of a panorama or a photosynth, the first requirement of the page is to ascertain the identity of the user. If the user is anyone other than the owner of the pano or synth, then they will be forwarded to the 'view' page, instead. 

I am assuming that you are clicking the button in the synther when your panos complete their upload in order to view them, but that will always give you a link to their 'edit' page.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
To get links for others, just go to your profile page here on the site ( ) and click on one of your uploads. This will give you a clean 'View' link with nothing extra and it is what is in your address bar after the appropriate pano or synth loads that you should send to others. 

This is also true for links from search results pages here on the site. 


Pages here on the site which will load a panorama or a synth (other than the 'View' page are the 'Edit' and 'Embed' pages. 

In the case of photosynths (but not panoramas) there is also the 'D3D' page for the original Photosynth viewer. 

Of these four pages, only the 'Edit' page will force a sign in before viewing, unless &wa=wsignin1.0 is appended to the end of the link.
KTvirtualtours (Over 1 year ago)
Nathanael, you are awesome!  Thanks so much, I'm off to try it now.  KT