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baker_tony (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, I can't see a way to create an album to share with people!
I've created a collection of synths (house hunting) and I'd like to share a collection of them...
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Tony, 

If people will only be clicking your link in the near future and you don't plan on uploading tons of new panos in the next week or two, you could just give people a link to your profile page, which has a feed of all of your public panoramas and your one photosynth.

If, however, you will be uploading a bunch of new content soon or you just don't want people to see your older content on other subjects and thing that's part of what you wanted to show them, then I would suggest coming up with a unique tag that other people on the site won't be likely to use.

An example for you could be househuntingwithtony
Once that tag is added to the appropriate panos and synths, you could give people this link:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Right now, you see no results for that househuntingwithtony query, because nothing is tagged with that (a good thing, since you only want people seeing what you've selected), but if you use that tag, you'll see your content appear there.

As an example of a tag that is in use, I have tagged photosynths and panoramas which I shot with my Samsung Focus with the keyword windowsphone.

This isn't a unique tag, however I do appear to be the only one using it right now. For my purposes, I do not mind if other people tag their synths and panos with the tag, because although I have used it to cluster content that was actually shot with a Windows Phone, I wouldn't mind if someone else used it on their photos *of* a Windows Phone. If other people want to add theirs, I'm happy with that.

The only danger is someone else stealing or accidentally using your tag, so, again, it is to your advantage to make it unique to your content.