Topic: Exploring Synths

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Cybershadow (Over 1 year ago)
Hi to all, another newbie here.
I've just started working with Photosynth and created 3 Synths so far, however....
When I click the "Explore" link I don't see my Synths anywhere.  Typing the name of the Synth in the "SearchSynths" block doesn't find them either.

Typing my handle into the Search Synths button does bring them up, so what is happening here?  Do I have to upload or transfer them to a different area, or what?

Hand in hand with this is that my storage is showing 0 mb of 20 mb. What does that indicate?

Grateful for your comments and or advice on this.

Marvin (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Cybershadow.
We get a lot of people who simply upload random images to the site, so in order for your synth to appear in the explore page, your synth needs to meet some basic requirements like a minimum of 10 images and synth score of at least 15% or something like that.