Topic: Embedding a synth

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Ice2Fire (Over 1 year ago)
Haven't been here for a while.

PhotoSynth is really cool. So I wanted to embed my synth at my Live Space.

Not as easy as I expected.

Tried the Embed Video link, but since I don't have a EMBED tag in the code, it won't work. Tried using the html section, but for some reason, I think its not being saved, cause its considered a security risk.

Any Ideas ???

Thanks 2 All !!!
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)

We're working on this, but right now the embed option we provide is an iframe and that won't work with your Space or on several other sites... We hope to get this working soon so you can share your synths everywhere.
Ice2Fire (Over 1 year ago)

RayRolfe (Over 1 year ago)
it works on blogger and you can resize the iframe to what ever you want. Quite awesome. Look how I've done it.

(Oh NO. Silver light DID ruin the embedded viewing experience. now you have to click the dang thing on, and it looks a shade crappier. Darnit!)
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
Sorry you're not happy with the new embed.  The reason we built in the click to play feature is to keep a page with several embedded synths from bogging down.  It's pretty common for this sort of thing to be set by default.

You can make an easy change to the embed code to set the synth to autoplay.  In the code you grab to post on your blog look for the "&delayLoad=true&slideShowPlaying=false" part.  If you want the synth to autoplay, swap true for false and vice versa... ie, "&delayLoad=false&slideShowPlaying=true"