Topic: Photsynth - after drilling into an image, can't get out.

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PCRIDE (Over 1 year ago)
I have noticed on a lot of synths when there seems be a lot of detailed images close up and not enough wide angle shots to compensate for the detail. After drilling/zooming into an object when trying to get back out to see the overall wide angle shots it turns to point cloud and only the close up image shows. Also if you notice going to the link for the first time you can see most of the objects in a few wide agle shots, but after drilling into the image, try to go back to the original view when you clicked the synth. Is this bug? 

see screen shot.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Greetings, PCRIDE,

I'm going to use 'zooming' as meaning using the mouse scrollwheel or [-] and [+] keys to zoom in and out of one photo at a time.

Alternately, I will use 'navigating' to refer to switching from one photo to another by clicking the white quad of any photo other than the one that the viewer is currently navigated to.

Backing out from close up shots can be accomplished in at least two different ways if you started with wide angles and moved your way in to the close ups.
1: Use the down arrow key on your keyboard or the down arrow in the middle of the viewer navigation to back away from close shots, providing that there is a wide angle shot behind the current photo.
2: If you simply want to get back to wider angles which you have visited just prior to the current close up, you can use the [Z] key or the back icon on the far left of the viewer navigation icons to step backwards through your inward path.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Zooming out of a photo with the scrollwheel or minus key will not ever take you to another photo (neither closer nor farther). Because of this, trying to get out to wider angle shots using the scrollwheel will not work. All the zoom controls are meant only for operating on a single image at a time, discovering more details of its full resolution.

For more clarification on this, you can download the Photosynth Photography Guide on this page ( ) which also includes keyboard shortcuts for the viewer at the tail end.