Topic: Embedding a photosynth into your own website?

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harmonyhomes (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, I work for an estate agents and I don't know too much about web design but would really like to use Photosynth to show our properties that we are selling. We do have a web designer but I would really like to research this first before asking him as I know it costs money when I start to involve him (in the first instance anyway). 

So really, I just want to know if this is doable? Is it really quite a simple case of taking the code (from the Embed option) and pasting it on to each property page individually? None of the other esate agents where I live use this technique so it would be really good if it doesn't show where the source comes from, just the viewer box?

I hope someone can help!

Many thanks, Joanna :)
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi there, Joanna!

Embedding synths or panos from Photosynth on your site should be as easy as embedding a YouTube video on your site. Just copy the HTML embed code and paste it into your site's page. 

When you paste it, there are three things you can edit to fit your needs: 
1) Whether your page visitor must first click the synth once to begin it loading, rather than letting it load automatically along with the rest of the page: For your purposes where there will probably only be one synth or pano per page, I would recommend that you set the &delayLoad switch to 'false', rather than the default of 'true'.
2) Whether the synth or pano is playing its slideshow as soon as it loads or not: Similar to the previous switch, you would turn the &slideShowPlaying switch to 'true', rather than the default of 'false' in order to allow a synth to play through its photos or a pano to play through its highlights without your user manually clicking 'Play' or 'Next'.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
3) The width and height of the synth or pano on your webpage: The default size for embedded synths and panos is 500 pixels wide by 300 pixels high, however if your website's pages are much wider than this, then you will probably want to customize these pixel values in the embed code so that the synth fits your page better. 

If you would like to see what embedded synths and panos look like on other sites which have used them, here are some examples: 

Stargate Universe:
harmonyhomes (Over 1 year ago)
Hi thank you for your reply!

It has now been brought to my attention that we have a limit of 20GB and that each photosynth can only be viewed up to 500 times? I'm not sure that this would work for an estate agency to use since we would want to have a photosynth for quite a few properties? Unless there was something that we could purchase to enable us to have unlimited usage? Hmm...
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi again, Joanna,

The 500 views thing is just a monthly limit for free users. Would you say that each of your properties' web pages are loaded more than 500 times per month?

For normal users, only 20 GB per free account is given, however there is nothing to stop anyone from signing up for more than one free account. On the business side of things, though, there is a commercial Photosynth license if you're interested that gives you unlimited storage and unlimited views. Here are the details:
JBushee (Over 1 year ago)
Is there way to host the images at your own site, and still embed a viewer?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
JBushee, there's no official way to host the synths or panos that hosts on your own server. Are you experiencing problems with the official free hosting? What is your reason for wanting to host them yourself?

For panoramas, you could still use ICE and export to HDView instead of Photosynth which would freely give you all the files that you need in order to host the panoramas yourself (and with a higher fidelity panorama viewer than Photosynth's current Silverlight 4 viewer offers). 

There are certainly ways to copy all the files for a photosynth, although I have not yet found a way to get any of the official viewers to open these files, other than paying for GeoSynth from Vexcel. ( ) Regrettably, my bank account is not that hefty.
canon260hs (Over 1 year ago)
Embedding photosynth no longer works because the content is considered "unsafe" by Chrome, Firefox and IE. All you get to see is a blank page. Any idea when Photosynth will change to a "safe" site (https), so that the embedded content is visible again without turning the "shield" off in the browser?
PubliXviewinG (Over 1 year ago)
When will it be possible again to embed Photosynth on websites? The panos are currently blocked by all major browsers.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
What operating system are you using, Andreas?
jpete (Over 1 year ago)
I'm using drupal for a government website, viewing in chrome. I try the embed code in the source code and all works fine except the iframe will not appear. Any one have ideas?
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
@jpete, is this using the main site's embed code or the Photosynth 2014 Technical Preview's ( ) embed code?

The reason I ask is that the preview's embed code specifically leaves out the http protocol in order to support https. 
See Adrian's (from the Photosynth team) reply in this discussion:

I'm not savvy enough on the subject to know, but perhaps similarly modifying the current embed code would work?
PubliXviewinG (Over 1 year ago)
@NateLawrence: I am using Windows Vista Business. I have also tried to add or leave out "http" and "htpps" - the result is always a black box. The code I'm using at present is . You can view the result on
Please advice...
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
I think that WordPress may be preventing your iframe from loading correctly.
Unfortunately I do not remember at the moment what WordPress setting must be changed in order to allow embeds to work without interference.

See this quick WordPress installation on my domain, though, to see that it works:

You can also see original synths: and new synths embedded on my Tumblr blog:
PubliXviewinG (Over 1 year ago)
@NateLawrence: Okay, embedding in a WordPress site with http works fine. The trouble comes when a site is SSL-protected. Then embedding doesn't work (or better: the iframe stays black). Any idea how to solve even THAT?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Andreas / PubliXviewinG

Sorry about the delayed reply. I'm not sure what to tell you about SSL. 
You probably want to contact the Photosynth team directly about that via email at

I will point you to the privacy FAQs, though, which seem to imply that encrypted connections are not currently supported.
Current site: 
Preview site: +

I'm not sure whether this will change in the future or not, since Twitter even requires all files sent from a site to show content embedded in tweets via Twitter Cards to be transferred via SSL and Photosynth is working on getting Twitter Cards up and running: