Topic: Blurry Bands at High Res

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dvdhns (Over 1 year ago)
I tried for the first time doing a pano at about 3/4 full zoom by hand. It's not that big of an area but is +400MB.   As you can see I obviously missed a few spots (guess I'm just used to non-zoomed).  But there seems to be several weird processing artifacts showing up.  The weirdest is this one:  It seems to extend to the top of the pano.  What's the cause of this blurry band?

A few other spots are blurry, which I think I could write off as changing cloud patters or visual distortion from the wind.  Any thoughts?
dvdhns (Over 1 year ago)
After trying a few more times at full zoom, I'm pretty sure it is a combination of not holding the camera steady enough and to a minor extent distortion.  The banding seen in the image is just after-effects from the processing.