Topic: IE7 v FireFox Install

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kburgoyne (Over 1 year ago)
I was unable to install via IE7 (all updates applied). I fell back on FireFox and the install worked. (Not the best situation for an MS app. <g>)  Under IE7 I clicked on the install button and the page changed to the install page, but no downloaded started.  After installing via FireFox, PhotoSynth appears to be working under both FireFox and IE7.  The problem *might* be related to blocked cookies under IE7.  It appears that the install page is trying to use cookies from domains that are not obviously related to the Photosynth domain.  Blocking third party cookies is a pretty standard trick for experienced users since they are *usually* ad cookies.  Testing with 3rd party cookies disabled might be advisable.  FireFox might have worked as a result of it having slightly more flexibility with how a user can handle cookies.  For example, converting 3rd party cookies to session cookies.