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Topic: "Helping" Photosynth Process photos

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hotrod69dfw (Over 1 year ago)
I have a limited set of photos that were taken of an object.  There are a bunch of close detailed(cropped) photos from many different angles and perspectives, but not a lot of all encompassing photos from different angles(just a few).  Photosynth is only wanting to synth the all emcompassing photos and is ignoring the detailed photos.  I'm thinking of using photomerge in photoshop to "uncrop" these pictures from all the different angles.  Will this create a semi-accurate spacial reconstruction of the object for Photosynth to grab onto to better recognize them and apply the details to the synth?
hotrod69dfw (Over 1 year ago)
I'm thinking the further I have to "uncrop" the detailed photos, the more perspective distortion I will have toward the outside of the image.  Will photosynth correct for this distortion just as if were a wide angle type distortion, or will it give me an inaccurate 3d point cloud?
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