Topic: Can't seem to access previously taken image from my library after switching over to a new Iphone 4s!

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chordstudio (Over 1 year ago)
I can't seem to access my library on my device after switching/tranfering from an old Iphone 3 to my new Iphone 4s!

I still have those images I have previously taken in my library but cant seems to associate to current is most fustrating and appreciate if anyone can help?

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
a@chordstudio, did you upload any of your panoramas to your account here on Photosynth's website? If so, it should be easy to view them in the app again by visiting your own profile page:

If you did not upload your panoramas to the website, it may be the sad case that iTunes failed to correctly back up the saved data of your iPhone 3's Photosynth app. 

If you still have your iPhone 3, you can try what a3rdparty suggests here:

The flat versions of your panoramas that you see in your camera roll are not the same as the cube maps that the interactive viewers in Photosynth's mobile app and website use, so I'm afraid that if iTunes deleted your cube maps you'll never quite get them back from the flat versions.