Topic: Source image size vs. final synth image size?

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swami_worldtraveler (Over 1 year ago)
Source image size vs. final synth image size?

So, if 8MP fotos are uploaded, what size foto appears in the synth? Or, is there a fixed maximum final synth image size? Even if the original is downsized, does a bigger one lead to a better final one? Or asked another way, is it better to simply resize before uploading? Just had a thought: Does a bigger source image lead to a better synth? I.e. perhaps the object recognition process would do better w/ bigger images.

madeeds (Over 1 year ago)
You can zoom in to the original level of detail by using the +/- keys or the mouse scroll wheel.  So, if you synth an 8MP photo, an 8MP photo is uploaded, and you can see those pixels when you zoom in.  You can experiment with synthing lower resolution images.  The upload times will be much quicker, but remember once you've uploaded a photo, it doesn't get uploaded next time you synth.  The product is designed to work with everything from high end DSLRs to simple camera phones, so it will certainly work if you down-size.  YMMV.  (Your Mileage May Vary)
swami_worldtraveler (Over 1 year ago)
Tnx. Guess it depends what's most important. I'v noticed that during slideshow my images do not fully resolve before it proceeds to nxt:( Then again, if individual pic detail is important, then 8MP or higher it is. I'll keep playin...
danajohnson0 (Over 1 year ago)
Related to this original question, is the Bilinear resampling method such as 'Mitchell' best for the enlarging of images when preparing a batch set for Photosynth? In capturing details for high resolution, often resampling and interpolation is effective in giving better viewable resolution to native hidden content. Are any Photosynth users experimenting with batch altered image sets in a similar way? 
What are the high end limits in DPI and image size in the allowable processing?
I am new to this process, so, is the image DPI pattern reduced to BMP equivalent tonal scale, or, is the original image qualities of a full detailed image allowed to be retained within the pixels after the processing?
You can tell from these questions I am as yet setting up my machine to work with Photosynth basic processing.
Too far off topic?