Topic: Holy Cross Abbey

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TheBlakeE (Over 1 year ago)
Hey all,

I'm just now discovering Photosynth, and it amazes me.  I've watched the video tutorial and read quite a few of the posts here.  I'm gonna try not to just rehash old issues, but I'm afraid it's inevitable.

For my first attempt at a synth, I found a building nearby that is a former Monastery.  Looks like beautiful textures, interesting features to me.  So I experimented with some things.  I'm not sure how to post a link to my synth, but it should be in my profile if you click on my name.

I'm THRILLED to see that my attempt at starting outside, then zooming in on the door, then opening the door, then going inside the building worked exactly as I'd hoped. I see a beautiful point cloud of that side of the building, and I was able to line it up with the satellite image.

TheBlakeE (Over 1 year ago)
To the right of the red door, away from the building, is an interesting statue with distinctive shapes (although admittedly not really texture).  I forgot to take a good shot connecting the statue with the corner of the building, so I was happy to see that it found the connection in a picture anyway.

My first confusion came from circling around the statue.  When the statue is so obviously unlike everything around it, it seems like it should see the connections.  Do I just need tons of photos so it has minute changes to recognize?  I do see that my lighting was going bad, so maybe just fixing the lighting will help.

And my most frustrating problem is going around to the left corner from the red door.  Photosynth did an okay job going to the right, but it didn't go to the left at all.  There's even a nice row of archways that I would think would be easy to pick up on.  Any ideas why it didn't match that corner?

--continued again for your pleasure ;)--
TheBlakeE (Over 1 year ago)
Also, on the opposite side of the building is a blue door underneath the main tower.  It connects some aspects in certain synths, but I really don't understand why it didn't find the zoom in to the door, with all that great texture surrounding the doors.  It also didn't recognize a couple of shots looking up at the tower, and it didn't connect the further distant shots of that side of the building.  And this is another case where it didn't go around the corner, and I don't understand why.

I am looking forward to hearing any thoughts or feedback.  Thanks for this community!  I'm sure I'll be posting more soon.

TheBlakeE (Over 1 year ago)
I figured out the blue door issue.  THAT blue door, I only have partial pictures of.  The good blue doors are a different set that I forgot about.  My bad on that one.  I'll take better pictures!