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SidDev (Over 1 year ago)
Q>For generating an avatar with synth mechanish is going to helpfull? 
As photosynth provides cloud points that implies it should be a part of in parameters for making an avatar. Which is something intresting.

So i come up with an idea that cloud points is specific to a single object,if so then we can create avatar of our choice from a 3d.

But will it be possible or supported in photosynth that in a 3-D image can we able to trace to a single object.  

SidDev (Over 1 year ago)
I added my question with expected answer. What is your view in this?
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
SidDev, I do not know if I completely understand what you are saying.

You say that you wish to create an avatar from the point cloud of a single object? 

When you export a point cloud from Photosynth, you can open it in a 3D model editor such as Meshlab and delete any points which are not part of the object you wish to model. This would be one way of cleaning the point cloud to only the points of the object you care about.

Another way of going about getting a point cloud of a single object would be to edit the photos before you synth them in a photo editor, painting out all parts of the photo that you do not wish to see in the point cloud. I would use black to paint out unwanted details, but any solid color should do. Also note that I do not recommend doing this without first making a backup of the original photos.

Am I answering your question or not?