Topic: Stitching keeps overlapping pics and missing a section out

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lozw (Over 1 year ago)
I am trying to take a 360 of our garden, but every time I get to the stitching it leaveas a section out.

For example. Say my 360 consists of photos 1 to 20.
When it stitches, it always shows photos 16-20 overlapping 1 to 4, and hence my 360 consists of photos 5-20, and 1-4 are missing.

No matter where I start the process in our garden, the result is always the same.
lozw (Over 1 year ago)
Sorry, I should have added that this seems specific to my iPad, and not my iPhone.

If I try the same 360 standing in the same place, and starting at the same point, then on my iPhone it works fine.

But the iPad keeps missing a section out.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, lozw, 

Is there a difference in how you're holding your iPad, versus your iPhone? 

Do you tend to stand in one place and rotate your phone or tablet around you or do you try to rotate yourself and your device around the camera lens and keep it in the same place? 

It's a little hard to say why this might be happening without actually seeing your panoramas, but if there are two parts of your garden where the patterns are very similar, perhaps the stitcher is just mistaking the first instance with the second and trying to make sure it doesn't duplicate part of the scene.

For some other thoughts on holding the device in one place while shooting panos, please read this discussion: and this weblog entry:

Let the rest of us know if you still have questions afterward.