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EJDigital (Over 1 year ago)
Ran ICE and Photosynth ok on Vista.

Now updated to Win7/64 on new computer, and cannot get panos to upload.
I create the pano ok with ice but "publish to Web" brings up 'Composting for Photosynth then 'Could not publish to Photosynth'
Uninstalled and reinstalled, shut down computer and restarted,No go always the same failure.

Any suggestions?

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Jeff, I use the same setup without error.

Is the 'Could not publish to Photosynth' message coming from ICE or from Photosynth? 

Does your Windows desktop account name have any accented characters in it? If so, it may be a case of the file path to the TEMP folder that ICE is storing the cube map in being undecipherable when ICE tries to pass the file path to Photosynth. If this is the problem, you can change ICE's working folder to be a location that has no accented characters in the file path and all should be well again.

Also, when exactly did you experience this error? Photosynth did experience an upload error for a few hours yesterday, but it's over now. Here's more details on that front:
EJMilan (Over 1 year ago)

Thanks for suggestions.

Ice tools>options Cache was %TEMP%image composite editor cache [in use]

changed it to E:\progs\icetep

Still will not upload - same error message.

I will try and reconnect the computer with the vista installation and see if that still works.

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Jeff, I just did a quick web search on the error message and found a few older discussions of it here on the forum leading to the answer that ICE is running out of RAM. Are you using the 32bit version of ICE or the 64bit version of ICE? Here's the link to 64bit ICE which can use more RAM than the 32bit version (provided you have enough installed for it use):

Here are the older discussions:
EJMilan (Over 1 year ago)

Got my vista computer running again and no problems with Ice or Photosynth.

So it is something with my win7/64 install. (also having problems with Libre Office and Abiword)

I will have to do some detailed investigation.

Thanks for you help.

mauriciotavares (Over 1 year ago)
Have a similar problem when using ICE. If I attempt to publish to Web, Photosynth starts with NO pano in "Create Synth" window (this Windows appears empty) and when this happens, I must to add photos, but if I export a pano to disc and try to add it to Photosynth manually, I need to add 2 more photos (at least 3 photos is required to create a synth). I need a help for this issue!

PS: My computer runs Windows 8 Pro 64-bit.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hello mauriciotavares,

The problem that you are having is that the folder path of Windows' TEMP directory is mapped by default to inside your Windows user folder.

Normally this is not a problem at all, however if your Windows user name has an accented character in it (or any non-ASCII character) then ICE will fail to pass your panorama to the Photosynth application for upload and the synther will try to create a new photosynth instead of uploading a panorama, since it didn't receive one from ICE or Photoshop.

The way to fix this if your Windows username has an accented character in it is either to manually change the folder that Windows is using for its TEMP files by opening Windows' Environment Variables dialogue and typing the path to a folder without any non-ASCII characters.

The second option is to create a new Windows user profile with all ASCII characters as the username and use that desktop account to upload your panos.