Topic: Share Link = False ?????

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balimaiz (Over 1 year ago)
Please help me.
I uploaded a panorama from ICE to Photosynth, press the Share option this is the link that gives me:

you send it through email, open it and you get nothing…
what Im I doing wrong ?????
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hello, balimaiz, 

Your 'Share' link is working as intended and if you pasted exactly that into an email, whoever recieves the email should be able to click it successfully, just as I did by clicking on it on this page. 

A little background: 
If I only wanted to give someone a link to your panorama, I would give them the link to your panorama that is found on your Photosynth profile page. It looks like this:

Observe how much shorter that is. Yes, the ID number is still long, but it is much shorter than a 'Share' link.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
'Share' Links' Purpose: 
"Well, if we can just copy what is in our web browser's address bar when we click on one of our photosynths or panoramas from a search results page or our Photosynth profile page, then what are 'Share links meant for?" you may be asking yourself. 

The answer is that 'Share' links are for getting a link to the exact virtual camera position inside of a photosynth or a panorama. This is because this website was originally all about photosynths. You may find over two thousand photos in some of the largest synths. Now, if you are on photo 546 and zoomed in on your daughter picking a strawberry in a field, you might want to share that with someone and have them be able to explore the rest of the synth after that, but if you just send them a link to the beginning of the synth, it might take your recipient a long time to find the correct photo. The 'Share' link is generated at the time you click 'Share' and will capture the image, zoom level, etc.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
I have written more on 'Share' links in this discussion:

and you may also find this discussion where I show how to use other switches on your links to change how they are presented to people informative:

In the end, the simple answer is that unless you want to give someone a link to a specific part of a photo or panorama, you can just copy what's in your address bar after clicking on a panorama or photosynth from a profile page or a search results page. 

Please ask more questions if you want more answers.

Your fellow photosynther,