Topic: Web Publish does not work

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KopiK (Over 1 year ago)
After stitching photos in ICE (v1.4.4.0), I click Publish in Web button, full compositing happens and Photosynth (v2.110.317.1042) program opens, but it is empty, so no way to give name and upload. Direct stitch and upload from Photosynth works ok, but not from ICE. Win7 64-bit.
I googled this and found that non-ascii letters in user name (I have ö) may cause problems, so I changed ICE/tools/Options/temp file to C:\Temp but no help. Memory given 3000MB.
Anything else I could try?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
@KopiK, I have two questions for you.

1: When you set C:\Temp as a temporary file location for ICE, was it the primary or only location or did you add it as a secondary location?

2: What is the directory that Windows itself is using for its TEMP directory? That is what Photosynth will be using and what ICE will be trying to pass the panorama files to. I suspect that if you have a non-ASCII character in Windows' TEMP directory path that this error will still persist.

Search for Environment Variables in your Start menu to change Windows' settings.