Topic: Transfer Photosynths to new phone

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Jumpeeman (Over 1 year ago)
I'm reformatting my iPhone 4S and starting from scratch (not restoring from an old backup). I don't want to lose my 200 or so Photosynth pictures from their original 3D format.  How can I back them up and/or transfer them to my newly reformatted 4S? Thanks in advance.
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hello, Jumpeeman, 

Upload your mobile panoramas from Photosynth's app on your iPhone 4S to your free account here on It has more than enough storage to handle them.

Then you will be able to view your wraparound panoramas in the web browser from as well as in the Photosynth mobile app on any phone you use (even Windows Phones), etc.

If you want to keep your panos private, just mark them as Unlisted and no one but you will be able to see them unless you sign into the app or the website. (You can still send unlisted links to people who can see them without putting in a password or having an account if you want to share them with a few people, but they won't show on your Photosynth profile to anyone but you.)
Jumpeeman (Over 1 year ago)
Hey Nate! 
Thanks for the quick reply. . .sorry I didn't check back earlier.  If I understand your answer correctly, the solution that you suggest doesn't actually transfer my Photosynths to my new phone. . .it just uploads them to a server which allows me to "access" them from my new phone, as well as a web browser from any computer.  They are no longer stored locally on my phone, correct?  If so, is there anyone out there that has ever transferred Photosynth pictures in their original format from one iPhone to another iPhone?  If not, then I'll definitely go with your solution and thanks again for your help!