Topic: Bing Maps

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JamesLCF (Over 1 year ago)
please would someone tell me where Map App has vanished to when using bing maps?

I can no longer see my synths in the maps????
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, James LCF, 

I'm still seeing the map apps and all the synths and panos pushpins, so am not sure what you are experiencing. 

Does this link not work for you?
JamesLCF (Over 1 year ago)
Hi N,

Yep that works:)

Its just when I go in from a blank start. There used  to be a button with "map apps" but i dont see it anymore, consequently i dont understand how to turn the function on or off without a direct link like the one you have sent me?? 

How do you turn it on if you just load up plain old Bing Maps?

Best J
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)

I tried opening Bing Maps UK and I see what you mean. You could change your location to the US, but then you'd lose Ordinance Survey Maps and London Street Map, which I'm sure is not what you want. 

I don't have any answers as to why Bing Maps UK has removed Map Apps from their menu. You could try asking Chris Pendleton or Johannes Kebeck about this on Twitter or the Bing Maps Blog.

Perhaps it has something to do with Microsoft gearing up to move everything to Nokia Maps later this year. I don't really know. 

In any case, if it's just your own work that you care about, please note that there is a thumbnail map below every geotagged photosynth and panorama here on the site which is a link to the Photosynth Map App, centred on the currently viewed synth or pano. 

Or type this from memory: