Topic: Making a synth

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pingeyez2 (Over 1 year ago)
What am I missing ? I used 3 photos from mY Pictures and they are visible only as a slideshow , no stitch ? How do you stitch ? How do you overlap from the camera. I'm new , can you tell ?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Here's the deal: overlapping photos = photos of the same object.

Your first synth (THE GUYS) has two photos that overlap ('Cook' and 'chefs') but the difference in angle between them was too great for Photosynth's image feature algorithm to match them to each other. To fix this, all you would have had to do was take around three more photos in between those two, choosing to focus on some detail in the room that was in both of them (not something that will move, mind you). 

As it is, neither of the photos mentioned above share anything in common with the photo of the table. There is therefore no way for Photosynth to match them together. Again, the fix is simple. Just take photos looking from the counter and stove over to the table and perhaps even walking over to it and around it.

As to your synths of Louie, it is extremely difficult to synth animals and people because they both move. Also, 36 is a nice round number of photos to take in a circle around something