Topic: Download a synth or recommend a stand alone application?

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EFS_Junior (Over 1 year ago)
Well I uploaded 29 2D images and obtained 100% synthy. Whoopie!

The images are aerial photographs taken over Washington DC, flyover with airplane, all shots taken looking straight down, plenty of overlap, aerial photographs are from the USGS (public domain).

My problem?  I want to dounload the resulting synth.  But no export feature, no standalone feature, thus IMHO Photosynth totally sukZ!

Everything I've found sofar assumes photos taken from a point with pan-tilt-rotation and correct for camera's lens distortion.

Anyway, I'm still searching for a piece of software that can stitch 2D (e. g. flat) images taken from the same height but moving in a flat space directly above each 2d image.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I'm through fooling around with this piece of shit software that I have no direct control over with respect to downloading the final stitched image.

I don't want to share my own work, I want to use my own work.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
With all due respect, isn't it rather stupid to come to a community, insult the software they create/use and love, and then ask for help finding alternatives? Do you really expect people to want to help you when you've been nothing but hostile?

That being said, your scenario doesn't sound as though it makes the greatest use of Photosynth as the viewpoint doesn't change much. Photosynth isn't intended to make one large image out of many smaller ones, but rather fit the smaller ones together as they are, and through that process gain an understanding of the content of those images.

If I understand you correctly (it is a little difficult since your synth(s) is/are not public) what you want is something more like a panorama stitcher. My first reccomendation along that line would be Microsoft Research's Image Composite Editor although there are many other alternatives. 

Here's the link to ICE:

EFS_Junior (Over 1 year ago)
Yes I'm aware of ICE, I'm using it right now.

I've made the synth public.  It's titled "Washington DC 07-05-1951" but I don't know how others here can view it.

I'm new here just started using Photosynth yesterday, don't know how to point others to this synth however.  Perhaps it's associated with my screen name, EFS_Junior?
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi again,

Sorry if I was a bit harsh last night. You're right on track about others clicking on your username to see your synths. Linking to a specific synth is as easy as copying the URL in your address bar when you're viewing it. If you want to link to a specific location within a synth, the envelope icon provides a direct link to the current photo, zoom level, etc. I'll add a link to the synth for anyone else who's interested in seeing what your use case is.

You say you're already familiar with ICE. Are the 'Planar Motion' settings under 'Camera Motion' not giving you good results? Surely not all of them assume fixed camera position, do they?
EFS_Junior (Over 1 year ago)
OK.  I shouldn't bitch too much about a free program/web site.

I've tried ICE with just two images and even taken out the barrel distortion beforehand from each image, tried all four (PM1, PM2, PM3, and RM) stitching methods, but no luck, the joined image is "blocky" and mismatched across the entire match path, there does not seem to be any blending across the match path.

I also noticed some of these same artifacts in the Photosynth I've posted.  It's hard to see unless you blow it up and step across the tiled imagery.

I have several other pieces of SW that I'll try, and if all else fails, I can always do it manually in Photoshop as a last resort.
ImpaktP1 (Over 1 year ago)
Don't know if you have heard off gigapan or if this is what your after, but it sounds like what your looking for.

Hope this helps
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
EFS_Junior, I take it that Photoshop's 'Photo Merge' also assumes fixed camera viewpoint?
killersnake (Over 1 year ago)
im new to photosynth and i dont know how to use it and all i can do with it is make a slide show and i don't know how to do the photo angle thing
clupica (Over 1 year ago)
Unless I'm mistaken, what the OP is looking for is software that will create a linear panorama.  There are several open source projects that include the ability to make linear panoramas, but the success rate is low. The possible choices include Panotools, Hugin, GigaPan (already mentioned), PTGUI (?), and PTAssembler (?). is a good portal for researching various panorama ideas and asking questions.

The problem is the the parallax introduced between each photo is very difficult to rectify.  Having worked for the USGS National Mapping division (în the 80s), I have a small understanding of those images.  The images were specifically taken to provide stereo pairs and all images have a prescribed amount of parallax or they couldn't be used to create elevation models.

Creating a successful linear panorama is arguably the most difficult photo compilation.

Charles Lupica
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Just a belated update here: If you want to download your point cloud data and camera positions|parameters, download Christoph Hausner's SynthExport from

If you'd like to take Photosynth's sparse reconstruction and perform a more dense reconstruction, download Henri Astre's PhotoSynthToolkit from

You could also try Josh Harle's collection of photogrammetry tools here:

I'm also interested to see what ARC3D will produce from EFS Junior's photo set.
aasleeth (Over 1 year ago)
EFS_Junior, Have you or anyone else found a solution to this!? I love photosynth and have been using it for well over 2 years. However I just found this thread from a google search. I am looking for the exact same solution and would love to hear if anyone has found anything? 

Thank you in advance for your time.