Topic: How to do the sky and ground?

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pegasusinc (Over 1 year ago)
how do some people manage to get a full 360° panoramas where even the sky and the ground are entirely visible?

When I use the mobile app on my iphone, it cannot recognise such large blue (sky) or green (ground)areas and stops taking pictures.

I do understand why the programm leaves black boxes, I am looking for a work around. In most cases it would be ok for me to "cheat", in a way that I would prefer to have some random blue boxes instead of the black ones in the sky. Does not need to be perfekt. Is there for instance a way of choosing the color of the non-captured areas?
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Pegasusinc, do you rely completely on Photosynth to automatically capture new photos, or do you manually tap the screen to snap photos when the automatic snapping isn't taking place?

One critical idea for successfully shooting a panorama for any panorama stitching software is to keep your camera's lens as close to one spot in the air as possible. What I mean is that you should rotate the camera around the lens as you look in different directions, instead of moving the lens around the camera or the camera around your body at arm's length. Since the Photosynth mobile panorama app only creates and views panoramas, this will apply here as well.

When you are using the Photosynth app for Windows to create photosynths (instead of panoramas) a critical concept for capturing a 3D reconstruction of an object or scene is to view it from many different angles walking all around it, but for panoramas made with ICE, Photoshop, + the mobile app, keep the camera in one place.