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blair_360 (Over 1 year ago)

I have been generally uploading my photosynths to, and then when I want to share I just copy and paste the link into a Facebook post. I notice when I do this I only get 1 or 2 "Likes" on Facebook. If I just upload the photo as a normal photo from my iPhone camera roll it frequently gets tons of likes, despite the fact that the photos don't look nearly as good that way. This leads me to believe that either my friends aren't seeing the posts or they don't want to click into for some reason, even though you don't need to create a user account to view or anything.

I have also tried the method of uploading to Facebook directly from the app but in the past that never seems to work.

Anyone have any perspective as to what I can do to get friends to see and view these incredible photos?
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Blair, 

It would be ideal if people could just view panoramas and photosynths directly in Facebook. There used to be a third party Facebook app called MySynths that did this, but it's since gone offline. Back when they were still up and running, though, I posted an aerial synth of my old boarding school in Papua New Guinea and heaps of people liked it and posted comments.

A couple of years ago when I visited my grandparents in Florida and visited with some old schoolmates while I was there. I shot a panorama of some of them playing basketball while others watched. I stitched it with ICE on Windows and uploaded a flat version to Facebook with a link to the full resolution wraparound pano on in the caption and got some clicks that way.

That way you can give people a taste test and if they want more, they can get it. It also gives you the ability to tag people in the Facebook version where appropriate which draws in attention and shares.
WolfStar (Over 1 year ago)
In a world of social media, it makes sense for the Photosynth team to add this type of functionality. It would certainly change the way I look at photography when on holiday/vacation.