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beluga2 (Over 1 year ago)
   Is there a way to download images that you've taken with my phone?  I ask because I took pictures previously with my old iPhone.  Now that I'm using my new Windows Phone, I don't have the pictures locally on this phone, but I do have them online at this site.  So...Can I download the final jpg?

Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, roystreet/beluga2,

When Photosynth's mobile panorama app finishes stitching a panorama it saves it in two different formats: 
1) a flattened jpg in your camera roll (this should have been synced to your computer the last time that you synced your iPhone)
2) a cube map for interactive/spherical viewing (six jpgs that compose the six sides of a cube, with perspective adjusted for each face to appear correct from the center of the cube)

When you upload a panorama to, the cube map is uploaded but the flattened jpg is not.


Are you wanting your wraparound panoramas downloaded to your phone for offline viewing (as far as I know this isn't supported by the app) or are you just wanting the flattened jpg from your camera roll so you can share it or edit it with image editing apps?