Topic: Suggestion. Photosynth 3D

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synth_account (Over 1 year ago)
In a new release of photosynth, could it be able to offer a version viewable in 3D?

Two different possibilities come to my mind. The first one is to be able to see the synths without texture, with a feel like a 3D model.
The second and more exciting one, would be to be able to generate a viewable in 3D synth, with color filter glasses (red/green or red/blue) and get a mind-blowing full 3D stereoscopic experience, while using the data already available. Other options, like polarized filters, shutter glasses, or 3D without glasses technologies seem quite less viable indeed. Though, this one option would be really compelling and not so complicated to develop.

Thank you.
synth_account (Over 1 year ago)
realized this does not go here. Copied to suggestions.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Well... since I don't see the copy in the suggestions forum, I'll comment here.

I am finding it a little hard to pinpoint exactly what you're requesting. 

Are you wanting a textureless mesh in place of the point cloud? 
Are you interested in seeing the flat planes that the photos are projected onto in stereo? 
Are you wanting to see the point cloud in stereo? 

All of these things are certainly possible, as are calculating much denser point clouds, projecting the photos onto the point cloud or mesh, rather than simple flat geometric planes, etc. 

The technology that Photosynth uses for its viewer may prove to be a limiting factor in terms of when these features might be added. (Silverlight is certainly capable of providing multiple versions of stereoscopic presentations but Silverlight 4 has no access to your GPU for 3D horsepower to display dense point clouds, complex meshes, etc.)