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r3l1c (Over 1 year ago)
Dear Microsoft ... I love photosynth .. i love the app for iphone ... but hey ! i just had this idea .. to take this 360 panorama app .. run it through another app that turns the photo into painting .. and i was wodering what would it look like once i'll upload it .. so what did i find out ? your window app gives you no option on what type of synth ? 3 pics minimum to be loaded per project ??? ... so if i have 1 ultra wide panorama.. i need to slice n chopp ? please... provide some progress to the app, as the Photosynth basic idea truly deserves it .. thnx
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
The Photosynth app for Windows is not meant to create panoramas. It creates Photosynths. For examples of synths, view these links in Internet Explorer: 

To upload panoramas from Windows, use either Microsoft ICE or the Photoshop plugin