Topic: Remove unSynth'd photo's = worse Synth % ??

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David_Mee (Over 1 year ago)
OK so I tried a Synth - although all the photos should Synth (barring 2 I left in by mistake) - some it couldn't match up and I couldn't find a way of editing the Synth to tell it where the orphans should go ....

So I deleted them from the list of photos to use and redid the Synth. The first one had 93% Synth - the orphanless one had 73% Synth?????

When I redo the Synth with all the original pictures I now get 90% synth??

HELP!!  How do I get pictures that should all stitch together to produce 100% Synth :-(
houdan (Over 1 year ago)
Hi David, where is your synth? Theoretically it should result in 100% if you remove photos that are not synthed together.