Topic: Synth jumps around a fair bit

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Offbeatmammal (Over 1 year ago)
I created a synth - thought I'd got enough shots around the car with a fair amount of overlap but for some reason the synth jumps from side to side and doesn't seem to happy going round corners ;)

I'm going to try again with more photos to see if it just needs more overlap (assuming I get another sunny day soon!) but any pointers would be great...
Marvin (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Offbeat.

Adding more photos will probably help.  Cars are generally hard to ysnth.  The biggest problem that genrally I see is that there don't seem to be enough matches on the body of the car itself.  Part of this comes from the fact that the car is shiny (though asking people to scratch their car in the name of Photosynth is a little excessive).

Here are some suggestions:
1.  Pull down the roof.  There's more texture on the inside of the car (seat, etc. ).  
2.  Take the pictures at midday, with plenty of light.
3.  Stand about 2-3 car lengths away and take 40-50 pictures in a circle, with equal spacing between the shots.
4.  One thing that will help register the photos is having a nice, textured background (and ground plane).  The rocky sand you used is great (take a look at the pointcloud of the ground).
Marvin (Over 1 year ago)

If you don't mind, could you keep the original synth around even if you get a better version?  There's some weird jittering that happens when transitioning between your highlights that I would like to take a closer look at.
Offbeatmammal (Over 1 year ago)
thanks! happy to keep the original around, and will try as you suggest - roof down, good background etc.

one random thing that occured to me is it would be neat if there was a way to provide hints as part of the synth process... have a 3D space we can drop objects in (cubes mainly I guess) and indicate roughly where an photo would align. For a room you would plaster the photos around the inside walls, for a car position them around the outside. obviously larger spaces / more complex spaces would require a harder to navigate space for hinting, but in turn it could be used to generate specific fly-throughs (oh, if you need the original images just ping me - MS alias is "jecath")