Topic: Can you copy a Photosynth into a new one?

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courtney.woods (Over 1 year ago)
Hi. We are a grade 2 class from Bathurst, New Brunswick Canada. We made a photosynth to promote our city. You can check it out here!

Our question is: Can we copy this photosynth into a new one? We want to make the very same Photosynth but use French descriptions for the highlights instead of English ones. Can we do this or do we have to upload the pictures all over again? Thank you to anyone who is able to help. 

Mrs. Courtney's Grade 2 Class.
WaldosDigitalWorld (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Courtney.Woods,
    There is no way to copy a Photosynth or panorama within Photosynth at this time.  You can sign in and edit the one you have already created to French.  But if you want a second panorama you will have to create it.  If you used Microsoft Ice to create your panorama hopefully you saved your work and can publish to web rite from Ice.  When it’s uploaded you will have to select your highlights all over again.  Nice work, it looks great.
                                  Good luck, Waldos Digital World
courtney.woods (Over 1 year ago)
Thank you! We use ICE to make the panorama so we can publish it again. That was a big help. 
Grade 2