Topic: Map Explore + Minor Updates

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dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
We just pushed up a couple minor updates as well as a great new way to explore where synths are in the world.
Map Explore:

You may also notice the bright green background color has been darkened a bit... (You may need to clear your cache and refresh your browser window) We knew it was hard to read the text and so we worked in a quick update to put a little more contrast between the background and your comments.  I think this is a good improvement until we get our new redesigned site online for you in the coming weeks.

As always, your feedback and suggestions are appreciated.  I hope you enjoy exploring the world in synths.
Schn828 (Over 1 year ago)
Great addition! I love how you can see the synths from that page! And news of a larger redesign? Awesome. 
Thank you photosynth team.
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
Like with any site or service, things grow in all sorts of ways and this blossoming community is outgrowing its current site design.  In order to add some more features we know will help the community grow we're going to need to update our design.  We have something in the works and will make minor updates until we're ready to launch a completed major redesign to carry the site to wherever we all end up going next.
tbenedict (Over 1 year ago)
Sweet!  And the update on Map Explore is fast!  I was looking at my location and thinking, "Hey, why isn't this synth showing up."  DUH.  Because I hasn't geolocated it...  Click click, go back to map explore and reload, and there they are.
Fred_Oxford (Over 1 year ago)
Excellent!! and great to be able to navigate to the synth from the map...
TriState360 (Over 1 year ago)
Very Cool! I notice the halo is replaced by arrows for rotating this a different viewer? Great Update!
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
Yes, that is the Silverlight viewer... viewable by more people. (ie, Mac and Linux friendly)
Nathan (Over 1 year ago)
One thing worth noting, in order to have your geotagged synth show up on the map it must have at least 10 images and be a synthy score of 25 or more.
Pierrot21 (Over 1 year ago)
Sorry, I'm late to thank the team for this important new feature,; we asked for it few weeks ago and it's now working!
It will be a different way for showing our synths.

But as you know, I'll allways ask for some more feature or improvement ;-)))
- I really need to 'un-geotag' a lot of my synths: I have been working a lot in my city (Dijon - France), and geotaged all the synths, sometimes many different versions of the same place which I don't want to delete but it's very confusing for a visitor. The 'cancel button' by geotaging doesn't remove the geotag
- please could you add a 'geotag search' so we could fly immediately to NYC (or Dijon ;-)
Fred_Oxford (Over 1 year ago)
Great idea - I was playing with this tonight...what fun. By the way Pierrot, it is easy to change the geotags - if you re-insert the search and zoom in on the map and click on the correct spot the leaves will move to the new spot....don't forget to click save!!
Pierrot21 (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Fred; I know it's easy to change a geotag; I just want to remove it: before I finished some synths, I tried them many times, added more pictures on next days, or only tried part of the synth, and they are all taged on the same place. I just want you to see the last good one.
I allready thought I could geotag them deep into the Atlantic Ocean ;-)) but ...
Nathan (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Pierrot21, we are working on this issue of allow users to un-geotag synths. In the mean time could you email me at, I might be able to help more with your issue of only having only the "last good one" show up on our map.
Fred_Oxford (Over 1 year ago)
Pierrot...some people have geotaged synths in northern Greenland and in Antarctica...
Nathan - I might also take you up on this if that is okay with you - e.g. my Kinkakuji synths and my two Edmonton synths..
LikeRain (Over 1 year ago)
just this: map explore is a great feature.
Nathan (Over 1 year ago)
Hi Fred_Oxford, feel free to email me or dariusmonsef
Pierrot21 (Over 1 year ago)
Another small improvement : as the program open the white window (before loading and during loading) it would be nice to see the thumbnail so we can stop the loading and move to another place if not interesting.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
I'm very happy for the Map Explore page. One thing I've been wondering for the past several days is how difficult it would be to replace the javascript Virtual Earth map that the page currently uses with the Virtual Earth Silverlight Map Control that was released in CTP form at MIX09.

It just seems that since Seadragon and Photosynth came from Live Labs, that the Photosynth global map would use Seadragon tech for the map as well as the synths. I realise that the map control is not mature yet and perhaps you are waiting for it to get to RTM before you use it, but I think it would be very fitting.

I've also wondered whether the Photosynth community would be a perfect place to test a version of Virtual Earth 3D Beta that used Seadragon for loading in the map tiles, being that Photosynth is the closest implementation to the original 3D Seadragon tech which we have available to us. Perhaps I overestimate the # of polys able to be renderered by the Photosynth plugin
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Also, as expressed before, I realise that the Map page is a work in progress, but on some lower resolutions that I have tested it on, there is a high probability of the floating silverlight viewer appearing below the lower boundary of the browser. This forces one to scroll the page down while keeping the mouse cursor on top of the viewer/leaf-of-origin which is somewhat awkward. Use of AJAX or Silverlight to keep the floating viewer within the current screen area would be most appreciated.

With all my criticisms, I still think that this is a fantastic step in the right direction. Many thanks Photosynth team!
swami_worldtraveler (Over 1 year ago)
(NOTE: Post had to b split.)

Nathan wrote: To show on map, geotagged synth must b "at least 10 images...synthy score of 25 or more"

I realize this is to exclude simple "slideshows" or "failed" synths, but in sum cases this restriction may exclude sum worthy "experiences." I appreciate that "synthiness" is important to many, but it is not the only, or even primary thing for me. A perhaps under-appreciated value of Photosynth is the "experience" n "impression" it can make. Sum of my synths r under 50% synthy, even under 25%, but this does not represent a "problem," or "failure." I attempt to have clumps, but not necessarily one big clump - instead, a collection of clumps to tell a story, make an impression, or amuse. Also, as in my Mayan ruins synth, I included a couple maps n sum other single images to give context and add to the overall experience.
swami_worldtraveler (Over 1 year ago)

I also did a "Faces" experiment that turned out kinda interestin. It's not very synthy, but is "amusing" to see how faces might synth together (fyi, discovered this by accident). I kno may b usin Photosynth in an unconventional way, but that's just how my creative mind worx:)
swami_worldtraveler (Over 1 year ago)

So, here's a case in point: "Nicaragua" at In response to a post noting unrepresented countries on the Map Explore, I made one. Rather than do a series of small synths w/ anywhere from 2 to 15 images in a clump, I decided to throw them all into one synth to create a well-rounded experience. Now, point clouds r cool, but they can miss the original point (no pun intended) of "virtual tourism." Well, my Nicaragua synth has enuf pix, but falls short in synthiness, so much to my dismay, it did not show on Map Explore:( I'll try again, since sum pix I expected to link didn't n don't add to the experience.

I realize cutoffs must b set, but wanted to express n point out some perhaps less than obvious things for consideration.

Luv the app. Havin fun "playing" w/ it:)
madeeds (Over 1 year ago)
It looks like you've deleted that synth.  Let us know when you have a new one up.  I think you need 25% synthiness and 10 photos to be on the Map Explore, just like "Recent".
swami_worldtraveler (Over 1 year ago)
Hmmm? Thought I left the original. Anyhow, here are my attempts (18%, 18%, n 19% synthy, respectively):

Nicaragua (Summer 2008) - Take 1

Nicaragua (Summer 2008) - Take 2

Nicaragua (Summer 2008) - Take 3

After 'Take 1' I pruned sum pix that didn't synth (n added others of interest), only to find that previous pix that synthed, failed:( So, each 'Take' has its pros/cons. As noted in a separate post, synthin is clearly not an exact science. A little image forcin could go a long way (but I kno this has been requested, n is hopefully in the works...).

P.S. I tested lots of small, potentially single clump collections. Sum worked. Sum didn't. As pondered in separate post, perhaps "xtra" pix confuse Photosynth.
Nathan (Over 1 year ago)
We updated how we determine what synths end up on the map with a new algorithm, we are still fine tuning it. Please let us know about synth that do not show up on the map that you think should and we will look into why the algorithm is excluding them.

Thanks, The Photosynth Team