Topic: Photosynth APIs for Windows Phone 7 Series Integration

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arcgaden (Over 1 year ago)
I have been toying with idea of trying to develop a direct plugin app for the Windows Phone 7 Series that integrates with Photosynth and cannot seem to find any mention of Photosynth APIs or SDKs out there.  Is this something anyone else has knowledge around or can shed some light on?  It would be an excellent way for the platform to move Photosynth to the limelight and really expose the power behind user interoperability.  Thanks for any time and information anyone can provide!  Best - J.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hello, arcgaden

There is a commercial Photosynth license for sale for developers who wish to use Photosynths in their application.

Here are some links related to that:

Other than that, I can point you to the Photosynth Web Service which will aid you in accessing specific files in a given synth + provide some basic interaction for a user on their synth. The synther talks to this when uploading every synth and panorama, but all of the calculations are handled on the client. There are no announced plans to provide server side synthing.

I can also point you to a Javascript API for talking to the Photosynth viewer:
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Examples of apps that use the webservice are: 

Christoph Hausner's SynthExport:

Kean Walmsley's AutoCAD 2011 Photosynth Point Cloud Importer:

Astre Henri's Photosynth Toolkit:

Examples of apps that use the Javascript API are: (Note that the text and links change outside of the viewer as you target specific images - e.g. the second highlight in the first synth.)

The Sherlock Holmes game that was previously found at
A blog entry about it is still available: