Topic: New Features: “Highlights” & Cross-Platform Viewer

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dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
We’re really excited about this update to Photosynth.  We’ve added a major new feature to our viewing experience and have improved the viewer to reach even more people.  With our new highlights feature you can point out the “can’t miss” areas of your synths and the new Silverlight viewer will allow you to share your synths with people on more operating systems.

Silverlight-based Cross-Platform Viewer
Our goal has always been to share the Photosynth experience with as many people as possible, but our Direct 3D viewer hasn’t been friendly to our Mac friends.  We’ve been working on our Silverlight experimental viewer and I’m excited to say we’re promoting it to be the main viewer for Photosynth.  This will allow PC and Mac users to not only view synths but join in the rest of the Photosynth community by leaving comments, marking favorite synths and getting to know their fellow synthers.
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
Synth Highlights
Photosynth does an awesome job taking lots of flat photos and stitching them into immersive 3D experiences… but sometimes it can be hard to find all the best places hidden around a synth.  With our new highlights feature you not only can find some of the best spots in a synth… you can take a smooth journey through the synth from highlight to highlight.

Read the Details Here:
Schn828 (Over 1 year ago)
Great job Photosynth team! Thank you for the new toys, we will put them to good use. Also, thank you so very much for putting me on the front page. One of my goals is now achieved. Now to tackle the others...
lostinthetriangle (Over 1 year ago)
I would like to second Schn828's comments as well! Also would like to say thank you for the front page link!
Problem is now I will be thinking of how I can shoot a scene with the highlight feature in mind!
Jenny7 (Over 1 year ago)
Why can I no longer view or creat Synths? Is there a site problem? or is it a fault at my end? Jenny7
dariusmonsef (Over 1 year ago)
@Schn828 & @lostinthetriangle ...Thank you guys for creating great synths for me to feature.

@Jenny7, Are you getting an error message?  What happens when you try to view a synth?  What operating system and browser are you using?  The more details you can provide the easier it is to help get you synthing again.
tbenedict (Over 1 year ago)
Sweeeeeeeet!  I'm taking a week and a half off from work to do photography, and I can't wait to play with the new highlight tool and smooth tour functions.  W00t!!!  Thanks for the update.
LikeRain (Over 1 year ago)
a lot of handy new features. 
i hope sometimes photosynth can be used completely on one's own PC (without dropping the opportunity to exchange synth experiences via this webside)

only little downfall is that the point-cloud now looks rather blurred when starting the viewer big. hope the team can enhance on this front for the next version.

also thanks you for putting one of my synths in the link-frontline.
Rockman87 (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for the update!  I'm glad that The silverlight will continue to get better!  As of right now I like the Direct3D version better, it is faster and loads the pictures faster!  Plus I like the instant point cloud when you want to look at that!