Topic: Put into own web site

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RLRPhotography (Over 1 year ago)
Hi ,new to this got the synths ok ,very pleased with results but, Is there a way to put the synths/panorams into my own web site with out going through "Photosynth"
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Hi, Chimper, 

It looks like you've only created panoramas, so far. 

In order to place your panoramas from your account here on your own site, just copy the 'Embed' HTML code from below your panorama on its 'view' page and paste it into the HTML source code of your website's own page. If you don't want your panoramas to be visible here on, you can change their visibility to 'unlisted'.

You seem to be asking about embedding Photosynth's interactive viewer on your site without ever uploading your panoramas to your account here. There's no official way to do this with Photosynth. 

Since your panoramas are higher resolution, I assume that you are using either Microsoft ICE or Adobe Photoshop to do the stitching. Microsoft ICE can also export to HDView (find it under the 'Deep Zoom Tileset' option in the format drop down list), which will allow you to upload all the files to your own web server.