Topic: The Photosynth Team wants Your Help

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NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
The Photosynth team just posted a web log entry about (part of) why they are moving their database and imagery to Windows Azure (from where it is today, hosted on LimeLight Networks and the like). 

They explain that when they launched Photosynth, Microsoft didn't have anything like Azure, but now that they do and it's stable, it's time to use it. 

Both the current hosting system and Windows Azure have CDN (content delivery network) services. 

(CDNs exist because a longer distance that information travels over the internet means a longer time that it takes to reach you, therefore it is important for websites with a global audience, like Photosynth, to have web servers that are in many physical locations around the world. For example, if they detect that you are in Australia, they can send you the copy of the photos you want from the Australian servers and things should load for your more quickly than if all the web servers were in the U.S.A.)
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
In their web log entry, the Photosynth team is asking for you to try loading pairs of photosynths and panoramas where one is hosted on the old hosting system and one is hosted on Windows Azure. 

The point is that they would very much like you to email them if the Windows Azure version is loading data any slower in your location. The goal is for you to not be able to even tell a difference between the two systems. 

So: if you care about the loading speed of Photosynth imagery in your country, now is a great time to talk to the Photosynth team. 

Here's the link to their post: