Topic: "Stuck in Publishing" Problems Again Today

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Some people have been affected today and yesterday by a problem with our synth uploading that has resulted in the dreaded "Stuck in Publishing" situation. This is when your synth or pano processes all the way, and then stops for minutes or hours at the stage of "Publishing synth".

We've had hardware issues that have caused us to do some significant reconfiguration, and we are not yet back up to full strength.  I'll follow up on this thread when we are, and let people know whether they'll need to resynth or not. For now, please accept our apologies. We're woking on it tonight, and will have it back at 100% as soon as possible.

David Gedye
Photosynth Group Program Manager.
This issue was resolved later yesterday afternoon. All the synths that were stuck should have by now made it through the system. Please send an email to if you see this happening again.

Thanks, David.
Today 1/11/11, this problem has re-occurred. We're working on it, an will post an update here when it's fixed. Sorry about that!
yngvebn (Over 1 year ago)
I can confirm that the issue is back. Any ETA on a fix?
VsKbPhotos (Over 1 year ago)
Stuck also!
dbj2727 (Over 1 year ago)
Same issue, any timeframe for a fix yet?
jxfxsunshine (Over 1 year ago)
R_Jones (Over 1 year ago)
Now now, don't loose yourself in the issue, you know there is nothing else out there like this.  They will resolve the problem and life will be good again.
gdesouza1 (Over 1 year ago)
Good to hear from you. Hope it works soon. Great job guys!
Update: The problem is associated with the partner we use to handle our storage and content distribution network. It is a connectivity issue, and is not threatening any existing content in Photosynth.  We're making progress -- if you're watching our "Most Recent" page ( you'll see some fresh stuffm but we're not out of the woods yet.

Uploads have been not working for more than 24 hours. We know that this is very frustrating, and it is by far the worst outage we've had in the two years we've been operating. All hands are on deck, and I will keep this thread and the Get Satisfaction thread updated with progress.

David Gedye. Lead Program Manager, Photosynth.
GigaView (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for the update, David.  Good luck with the issue. We're looking forward to getting back to the synth loading.
We've fixed the connectivity problem and are now draining the queue of synths that built up over the last 36 hours. We expect to be re-enabling synthing tomorrow morning (Pacific time). More info then.
SoulSolutions (Over 1 year ago)
Look forward to the site being back up again - I've have gigapixels of the Flood in Brisbane, Australia I'm keen to upload ASAP.
If we're using the ICE tool, are we best to queue the panoramas up to the photosynth stage using multiple instances until we run out of ram? Or should we export to a single image now and use the photoshop plugin later?
nnJim (Over 1 year ago)
If we have a synth that has been 'Stuck in Publishing' at around 80% completed for aprox 12 hours now, should we cancel and restart the upload? Or will it eventually kick in and pick back up? Thank you.
dbj2727 (Over 1 year ago)
Is there any more progress on this? I notice that the "most recent" page has been showing the same synths for the past 2 or 3 hours. Has the problem reoccurred? 

Also just want to say I for one appreciate the personal response from the Photosynth team, thanks for all the hard work David.
nnJim (Over 1 year ago)
UPDATE: Although my Synth progress bar showed stuck at ~80%, I just looked at my finished Synths and it was there, even with the stuck Publishing bar. Probably should have looked before posting the question above.  

Thanks for all the updates David, and if folks do have a stuck Publishing bar this morning, check your Synths, it may be done anyway.
michaeldenis (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for keeping us updated, David.  I just stepped back from a 9-month break from Photosynth and I initially thought the service had its plug pulled in that time!

Thankfully, no.

Looking forward to the fix.. Good luck!
The fix is complete. You should now be able to upload a synth or a pano, and have the "publishing" phase take one minute or less on average.

In addition, almost all of the synths that appeared to be "stuck" (when viewing the progress bar in the Photosynth app) have been successfully published. If you experienced this symptom, check your account and you should see it there. If it isn't, then please re-synth, and things should go smoothly.

Let me apologize again for how long this one took to fix. We'll do better in the future. Thanks for your patience.

The Photosynth team.
Nathanael (Over 1 year ago)
Many thanks for the update and your team's hard work, David.
SoulSolutions (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for all your hard work David, the combination of the photosynth tools and the hosted service is first class. I'm still amazed how easy it now is to make multi-gigapixel panoramas thanks to your service. Uploading now :)
michaeldenis (Over 1 year ago)
It's working nicely for me.  Thanks.
VsKbPhotos (Over 1 year ago)
I have three that are stuck, you still have an issue
michaeldenis (Over 1 year ago)
Yeah, it took me a number of tries to get it to work.  Something is still up.
slotmonster (Over 1 year ago)
Publishing process doesn´t complete here. It stucks.
mwiththeat (Over 1 year ago)
Hi All,

I am still having issues. Have had synths which were successful but didn't ever complete. 

Do I retry or wait?
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Hmm. I published a few things recently, but this collection is temporarily stuck in publishing:
michaeldenis (Over 1 year ago)
It's broken for me.  I can get to 80-90% and then my progress bar will not move.  I'm guess the MS team is not working on MLK Day, so I think we should look forward to a fix later this week.
I'm sorry to say that yes -- we have been having more problems over the weekend. We thought we got to the bottom of these problems last week, but clearly we didn't, and I have reproduced what Michaeldenis and slotmonster have seen. The reason that not everyone is seeing this is that one of our 2 "origin" servers is having problems. More info later in the day.
michaeldenis (Over 1 year ago)
Thanks for the update, David.  I'm happy to hear you're working through it even on a holiday!
OmniSynThesis (Over 1 year ago)
These problems seem to be ongoing.
frederikgodejohann (Over 1 year ago)
Same for me ...
OmniSynThesis (Over 1 year ago)
Last night again (Netherlands). No problem during the day. Hey americans why don't you stay asleep ;-) .
OmniSynThesis (Over 1 year ago)
I had no problem in the eveniong of 26 jan 2011.
michaeldenis (Over 1 year ago)
I've had a couple of hiccups over the last week, but overall things have worked well  :)  (NH, USA)
erez.shapira (Over 1 year ago)
Me 2? :(
10:42:27 VtApp: Collection completed (71% synthy), but isn't avialable for viewing yet.
10:42:34 VtApp: SUCCESS

Win764bit 4GB RAM

BTW - third instance of this error in two days...
NateLawrence (Over 1 year ago)
Erez.Shapira, for any problems publishing this week (2011 April 10- 16), please refer to this discussion:

Bert Molinari, in that discussion, is the Photosynth team representative.

Also, I looked at your profile just now and your synth appears to have published by now. If you have this problem any more please reply in the discussion which I just linked to.