Topic: Photosynth for iOS6 update coming soon!

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javierPS (Over 1 year ago)
With the recent release of iOS6 and the iPhone5, Photosynth is preparing a minor update to its iOS mobile application that will address issues some of you have reported, including prompts for camera roll permissions and blank thumbnails. And of course, we’ll add support for the new taller screen on the iPhone5.

In the meanwhile, if you’d like to continue saving flat images of your panoramas to your camera roll, chose ‘OK’ on the “Photosynth would like to Access Your Photos” prompt. If you already chose ‘Don’t Allow’, you can change this in the Photos section of your Privacy settings.

Stay tuned for further details and the official announcement!
Tektipster (Over 1 year ago)
I'm in North Texas and I've diligently gone and done my gigs, but the Photosynths won't upload!  I keep getting "network failed"  even when I came home with my iPhone 5 and tried uploading on WiFi!  Any thoughts or help?  On many of these locations when it asks for something nearby to associate the place with, there is well....nothing that comes up on search.  I try entering in businesses that I can see nearby, but it seems they're all too new of construction for Bing to accept.  Isn't' this the point of the Bing Gigs---to get new businesses on Bing's map?  Just thinkin....... Thanks for any kind assistance.  Reset network settings on the iPhone 5 and it didn't help... tried a few other things....   Thanks!!  TekTipster