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Art Project

coensan 2

import - export

vfxorg 4

Save cubemap?

Fredrik.i4sense 2

Photosynth API?

mywhere 9

Server API

ShawnMclean 7

Some how adding photos after already synthed

moaoe 6

Animation effect. Is it possible?

Mnogomir 9

Make hi-res panorama stitching easier in ICE

Vanikcz 1

Animation effect. Is it possible?

Mnogomir 1

Contact with developer

Freddie_Graves 2

Organizing synths

OmniSynThesis 12

Embed to website

Luckymax 16

Buy banknotes for movies making or burning bills

brnicols 0

Technology Components

Helstab 4

New 360° Cameras and 3d models

lorenzo1975 6

ICE import panorama

francopan 1

3D tour of environment?

tribal-warrior 7

Make Photosynth Work on a Mac!

dariusmonsef 18


GPSStudios 1

photosynth for android

Antoine.v 61

password required?

j238 4

API or SDK for accessing and customizing the annotation features

zqchenDroneImaging 3

build control to change/indicate preferred direction of spin for panoramas

palbert1976 3

Another vote for Offline Photosynth and more

fathamburger 5

Heritage use and recording lost sites.

Carriedcarpet 6

papywizard support

RDVoogt 1

Seach function only in "My Synth"


Return of OLD features?

swami_worldtraveler 4

"In-House" (private) use

GCBrian 6

Create data for a 3D Printer

I_am_not_there 1

Photosynth not opening on iPad

parone 1

Local Synth for Local use

dklimek 3

Embed Codes

ishbuggy 5

Record Sound while taking pictures

Ahmads_Photos 3

Change e-mail associated with my account?

jlamarca 6

URLs to enter Photosynth view at any image

timjh 15

Login to Photosynth

OmniSynThesis 1

Exporting PhotoSynth to .mp4

sandeep_seattle 4

What ever happened to synth stiching?

amn.hodge 14


looperprod 4

Photosynth Modes

scorpion4x4 6

Robotic device for perfect 360 ' pictures

rabughini 3

Remove Watermark? 0


apotheosis415 2

right forum for the conversation?

Joscelin.Trouwborst 2

Delet images

vostroyano 4

Download a photo synth as an image to edit

hamzaghzili 2

Map of Your Geotagged Photosynths/Panoramas

Jstar1w20 4

Bing results for Photosynths

Joscelin.Trouwborst 1

Photosynth 1 performance

Joscelin.Trouwborst 3

Create Interactive Overlays on Photosynth

smatharoo5 0

add info to 360

mowesat 1

Gyroscope Enabling w/o using Haptic Features

klee54 6

Mac Snow Leopard OS 10.6

flyingguitarman 2

Photosynth Application for Mac Os X

PokemonFan011 8

Insert into PDF??

tabhorn 0

Upload photo from desktop to Photosynth Website

blakerh 5

Downloading my photosynth

mohammad233b 2

Need Help ipod Touch 4th

c.topculorka 1

Annotations and Zoomed Highlights

Fracture 4

Browser XSS Protection

ertaius 0

Photosynth in HDR

RobOnMV 0

Is Editing possible?!


Website embed

VirtualTourHD 1

Show pics available on the sides

Wraiththe 3

Contact with Photographers

Michael1943 0

Tracking Traffic

Jstar1w20 0

Please.. Photosynth for Windows RT

cauzion 4

Sequential Image Processing / General Tweaking Capabilities

Mathmaestro 9

New Feature Needs 2 Viewer in HTML5

llc23 4

facebook integration

Joscelin.Trouwborst 2

apply "categories" or "folders" to my panos

stephen4s_r 0

Windows Phone 7 app anyone?

PeterKremzar 5

Expand the app

ZappU 2

insert a caption or hotspot

StewartIrvine 3

Center Top & Bottom STAMP 2

Link from Highlight

dvdhns 3

Web site slideshow

mlopez1007 2

group synth investigation of bombing

threelaws0_1 0

Nokia N8 - 12 Megapixels Camera - upload?

Vivekvp 9

How could I get camera matrix and recover the distortion of pics

wangmeizhen 3

Single file upload?

cwinhall 1


mloewen 15

Choose the beginning view of a panorama as you can choose the first photo in a synth

Nathanael 3

Photosynth Groups?

BarrieFoster 8

Need a DIY feature

joeseven 1

Scientific applications


Adjustable slideshow speed

sixthsynth 7

Windows 8 Phones

Liquidmonkey 1

More Chars in the Discussion

dvdhns 0

New Features

Danielkwalsh 2

Photosynths for iPad

squareflips 9

Share Editing Capabilities

karen_adams 1

Assume sky

BillSmithinKorea 2

Virtual 3D Objects

PicoDeGalla 3

Higher res synths on iphone.

john.nayler 2

Adding Music

lisafenn 1

Searching and Sorting Synths with Pivot

Nathanael 4

Updating Photosynth for Windows

rrr_hhh 2

Launch the Photosynth Mobile App from normal view page URLs

Nathanael 7

Bing Maps Favorite Places & Photosynth

OmniSynThesis 5

Android? Will it ever be a reality?

Phase2 0

Virtual Tour

Elie_Ziade 7

Full screen automatically

tzejit 1

Update website

DontPanic 1


dvdhns 2

Use Photosynth to geotag images

jtheelen 0

Photosynth service layer?

GoDFaDDa42 0

Tagging facebook friends

Carlos-PP 0

light field photography integration?

DanFitz 0

Search Results

dvdhns 0


natm 1

ipod app saving

pickletruck 0

Keep up with Google

MymsMan 3

Hyperlinking within Highlights

Farinosa 1

Upload HDMake generated?

Bosco12345 1


t8ntlikly 2

Suggestion for the Forum

Clayton.Scogin 1

panorama from ICE crop

Hossam-ElAshkar 5

world wide telescope,Layerscape,socl

oldtimewatch 1


ortodoxel 2

Can you put a panorama on MLS?

daphra 10

folder's for organising.. simple

richard_byers 3

video clip input

Jan_Bruijns 0

How can I see the panorams on my pc?

N3gazione 5

browsing bing maps for photosynths

NYCDavid 1

exporting and on PC viewing?

adrienk 4

Pull in comments about synths and panos from around the web and display them under the synth/pano

NateLawrence 4

Ability to upload panorama without ICE

Tim_Boothby 3

Porting to Windows Phone 7

ner1808 2

turntable transformation

Jan_Bruijns 5

Can we remove the "Related Images" from our user page

Yakman 4

Show the field of view/number of degrees spanned in a panorama's synth card

NateLawrence 2


scottgaertner 4

Networked Enabled Devices

dvdhns 6

Integration into Windows Live SkyDrive

td90uk 23


The.Rev 5

Adding hotspots to Synth

BDekkers 6

Human-friendly URLs

Nathanael 10

Not counting our views!

Memoryoke 2

adding photo after + viewing before stitching

thedemin 0

Background stiching

MIA26 2

Augmented Reality View

TonoS 1

Point Cloud to 3D Mesh 5

View-ability on web connected devices

dvdhns 1

Print Photo

veryoldtimephoto 5

Delete single fotos of a Synth

mspiggy 2

Saving separate photos to camera roll

Aquateen33 5

Mac Desktop Software for LionOS

Nor10 3

Sign in with iOS5

alexbarreras 3

Facebook Page

VsKbPhotos 3

Save as PSD

Allan_Der 1

Color Management?

Allan_Der 0

Small naming field on each synth when viewing the "library page"

MIA26 2

Deleted EXIF data in JSON files?

WanderingArtist 3

3D model reconstruction from point clouds?

magicalclick 3

Share on Twitter

robigouk 0

Only works on Explorer?!

cenobyte 2

Viewing Statistics

Jstar1w20 1


amn.hodge 0

Export in different formats

webbnissen 9

Spanischer Saal Innsbruck

MedienService 2

Share Photosynth

veryoldtimephoto 5

View a bit slower

jd_psynth 2

Privacy settings for Photosynth?

veryoldtimephoto 4

Off the grid

videethis 7

Move forum platforms

MymsMan 0

Facebook Comments

yoshihirok 3

Masking or smoothing rough outer edges in panos

NateLawrence 2

Sharing on Facebook

pshros 10

Are there any other apps?

madiguk 1


asperger 1

get list of PhotoSynth by user - PhotoSynthService

imsilentbob 0

Geotag link to Bing map

iSwimBikeRun 5

change license type in ICE

mattu 2

Is there an equivalent to Google Sketch Up?

GCBrian 2

In the event of a 'Stuck in Publishing' glitch, email users whose synths + panos finally succeed

Nathanael 0

Suggestions for improvement

huckrorick 0

I need the original dates and times that forum entries were submitted

NateLawrence 4

suggestion for featured synths on "Home" page

LikeRain 1

media center add-in

lkuhn65 6

Does Photosynth read NEF files?

sarapoglou 6

Real Full screen and automatic centering

Klaus-JesusChrist 6

Photosynth and ICE

Jago84 7

How do you make a point cloud with as much resolution as a picture?

Joneyes 16

Photosynth Movie Player Function

ErichSirem 0

Photosynth Synth Editor Toolkit / Offline Preview Viewer

Joneyes 0

Develop Street slide tech into photosynth

Joneyes 1

Camera Made For Photosynth

ErichSirem 0

Developing Photosynth

PeteBannon 1

about nordic character

Aujawandijar 1

Receive a notification when someone leaves a comment on a synth

Niaws 13

Forum search/Subscribe

MymsMan 3

Perks for hitting 100% Synthy

NateLawrence 13

Multi-stage publishing

OmniSynThesis 9

Synth on mobile devices

OmniSynThesis 3

I would like to be able to rotate highlight selections

Nathanael 3

Free-Roam: Creating More than a Panoramaic

msett 9

Non-cryptic URL for better SEO 3

Upload Image File Sizes/Resolutions

EdLee 2

Synthy Detection on photos in new synth dialog box

Joneyes 2

Synth button on top of facebook photos album, photo compatiblity detection

Joneyes 2

Profile w/ 20 - 30 pages

VsKbPhotos 4

Photosynth expiration

intimmeproto 17

Adding Photosynth to PowerPoint presentations?

Roof2010 1

User-specific search

Nathanael 0

Interesting achieved feature for Photosynth...

mzaloon 1

3D Scene Reconstruction?

tbenedict 30

Please enable local Bird's Eye View photos to be toggled on in geo-aligned synths

Nathanael 3


tlposcharsky 1

Photosynth-based or Panorama-based virtual reality

CaoKe 2

Detection of identical images

lkspitz 0

Including tags from photos

OmniSynThesis 6

tilted images

deanmacgregor 7

The ability to create 3D objects

wrcousert 0

Fully immersive 3D

wrcousert 0

Give us the proper 3D already

Dan.Frederiksen 23

Picture tagging

brad.linton 6

overlay synth on a map

codebreach 2

Leaving the points on in 3D view

xRez_Studio 2

longer highlight descriptions

xRez_Studio 2

Change alignment or overhead view

jondandois 2

Resume, Resume, Resume!

RogerGu 2

Forum search

OmniSynThesis 3

Manual maker

deanmacgregor 1

Insert a hyperlink into the photographer or organisation's name next to the synth's license

Nathanael 3

Windows Mobile/Phone 7 app

Casey_boy 2

Enhancing synths before uploading

OmniSynThesis 0

Geotag using coordinates

ejain 6

Limitation on the number of photos in a synth

Niaws 8

Copy Right

OmniSynThesis 4

adding to a photosynth

terrysphotoes 7

emped option for 2D mode

rananplan 1

Direct 3D

dougmath 11

Auto 2D

brad.linton 1

The Little Things

Oneironaut23 1

Add photos to a synth

J0N 18

Preview before upload

Al-Vista 12

Add images to synth that is already uploaded

saiarcot895 7

Blurring parts of images

andreasbalzer2 2

To change the photosynth default photo of the album

Umapathy 1

Separate User defined Photosynth Site(s)

jimcseke 0

Point Cloud Background

pope_luke 4

Mac compatible synther

mmiqdad 0

Photo rights

OmniSynThesis 1

Windows live Spaces

ProjectPhoto 3

Larger Synth Editor

Nathanael.Lawrence 2

searching forum

marlincreek 1

Photosynth search meets viewer

Joneyes 2

Transition From 2D to 3D

Joneyes 2

Please, Remove the zoom out lock

Joneyes 2

photosynth meets Deviant Art

Joneyes 1

Canvas Export

DreKn 6

none fo now

Oscar12345 1

upload more than 300 photos to photosynth

tacheleu 2

Rethinking how the rail to rail highlights are fitted to the viewport

Nathanael 13

Extra detail mode

mwiththeat 8

Solid Point-cloud view or Allow csv DL

Fracture 4

Giving hints to Photosynth

essentialatom 5

Pointclouds in Silverlight: Interactive Rendering of Unlimited Detail

Nathanael 4

Screen saver

MToo 1

Add links beetween Photosynth

MToo 0

Forum Search Box

aridolan 5

Organize synths by grouping them

Magnificus 2

Auto Slideshow/Animation Option

aridolan 10

Activity on Synths (4) Replies to Comments (16)

Nathanael 5

is super

Brandau 2

outputing estimated photo coordinates

michaeltchuang 3


bala123 0

A criticism of the 2010 March 18 placement of the comments on a synth...

Nathanael 3


DontPanic 3

Photosynth mobile client

jamiet 1

Synthing Online?

momers 3

Don't gray out side images

dllexport 13

Dense point clouds

tbenedict 5

High Density Point Clouds

tbenedict 3

Tell us how synthy a synth is before we upload it

jamiet 6

Combining existing Photosynths

jamiet 7

Wishing for integration Photosynth with Flickr Pictures

sjoerdvw 4

Come on microsoft give some cloud :)

Photo3dArtist 5

If we could do this with worldwidetetscope and bing maps and photosynth

veryoldtimephoto 0

The future of point clouds

Nathanael 7

Texture The Pointcloud

conchster2 5

Specifically shot for synthng

jontlaw 10

Use Gaikai or OnLive for enhanced Photosynth viewing

Nathanael 2

saving images

mkillpack 1

Edit Main Thumb Photo

mwiththeat 3

Linking Synths

sndwa1 3

Blaise Aguera y Arcas Photosynth demo

Photo3dArtist 3

time slider

scrapsparcs 2

Time Dimension

ianlotinsky 0

Allow rel=me link on user account page

bitplane 1

Posting synths in Windows Live Spaces

waves_addict 3


romavita 0

public versus private

curtw 2

Photosynth and ArcGIS Flex API

khayne 0

Please let me use overhead view from my current group of photos in the synth - not just the biggest.

Nathanael 2

exportable particle clouds & photo-stitch mapping to basic 3D geometry

penn 6

Using Creative Commons Licensed Photos

QuazarGuy 1

bluring people's faces

Masa4 4

Game- ready model shops

Tinlau 0

Keep old version of Photosynth online for Moonlight users

WalterBE 4

Layering on a logo

pcox 10

love the new categories on the front page, but..

robert_sprout 2

Questions about Scene Reconstruction

Nathanael 4

Multiple user synths

bignmean 1

relative position of moving objects on common background

dherring 7

Ability to Create & Preview Synth

MattWeiler 16

Extend the Overhead View

PeteBannon 3

Highlights in Grid Mode

Nathanael 0

History of Photosynth Museum

Nathanael 0

A few suggestions for commercial applicability..

hassmaschine 3

Possible Offline Demonstration

Erik.Mostert 4

Using Win7 Superbar

AndreR 0

Log file as XML

swami_worldtraveler 4

User Instructions for teachers

MikeMcSharry 6

direct upload files

art3k 0

Embed code

chusa83 1

Downloading A 3D model of the pointcloud?

The_Night_Ninja 4

Realtime maps and newly synthed feeds

Nathanael 3

'Real time' photosynth

botocudo 8

Hyperpicturex photosynth! hyperlinks for images?

botocudo 11

Insert music function

soasks 1

Windows7 touch and photosynth

botocudo 0

Notification of 'stuff'

Mister_Blondie 1

passwords for private/unlisted synths

hassmaschine 0

Daisy chain synths together

Argonautica 2

Suggestion for using geotags

LikeRain 0

Please include a Photos vs. Pointcloud viewing mode variable in the 'Share' links.

Nathanael.Lawrence 0

Let me link people to particular views in Overhead View | Top View with the 'Share' links

Nathanael.Lawrence 0

Viewer rated highlights

Mister_Blondie 5

Seamless zoom through a map into a synth

Mister_Blondie 2

Splitting Synth's Groups into New Synths

rogerhoward 3

Map Scrolling - the end of the world

Mister_Blondie 4

Deeper linking from synth cards

Nathanael 1

Visual distinction between geotagged and geoaligned on the synth card

Nathanael 0


TonyErnst 2

Question: What happens to the location of photos that appear in multiple synths after synth linking?

Nathanael 10

GREAT IDEAs for synths

jmnoq 2

The option to save a Photosynth 'Project' instruction set

Nathanael 5

"Photosynth Creation Mode" for my computer

Nathanael 1

Path tracing in place of the pushpin for geotagging 'path' synths

Nathanael 1

Make the tabs on the profile page more visually prominent

Nathanael 0

Highlights Feature Improvements

PGRic 5

External resource link fields for every synth (Think Wikipedia)

Nathanael 3

Improvements for multi-photographer synths

Nathanael 0

Joystick Nav

ZInventor 2

new to synths

mcloveya 1

Auto geo-aligning and correctively stretching|squashing pointclouds based on per-photo GPS tags

Nathanael 2

The Global Geo-Aligned Pointcloud in 3D

Kanga 1

Geo-Alignment: The Good and the Bad

Nathanael 20

Geotagging & Photosynth with Live maps

kodred 1

Synth Map

turtlethegreat 2

googlemaps + photosynth

Rafineur 4

Geo-Alignment for each pointcloud in a synth instead of only the biggest one

Nathanael 1

The Silverlight 3 Viewer and the Linux users' Story

Nathanael 1

navigating a synth

harald182 8

Export to SL object

ZInventor 0

Non-Online Program Based

msett 1

custum stitching of images

Xajuan 2

A few suggestions for viewer controls

Nathanael 8

Adding to a synth

ghart1098 5

Dualcore (AMD)

microwar 4

WPF Synth viewer

JoshMachin 0

How to foot dip into multiple user syth viewing?

Wally 4

Pre load synts

microwar 1

Combining multiple synths

botocudo 11


liables117 1

Improvements for the forums

Nathanael 1

Checkbox - Only save the main 3D group

tbenedict 0

Image matching

PeterVrenken 1


synthswinger 0

manual synth

Carl_Lin 6

Mobile version

veryoldtimephoto 9

Embedder and Sound

DaevFinn 2

3D model/Modelo a três dimenões

joaocsampayo 3


veryoldtimephoto 1

Photo for match only

aj0020020 0

Don't auto-recenter

verfum 4


andreasbalzer 6

Incorporate Video into Photosynth montage

siblog 3

forum feeds

xRez_Studio 1

nVidia 3D Vision

peter.hozak 3

Community Synth

REMAXSouthernAdvantage 0

Change Copyright?

tbenedict 2

Finding your own synths!

hunterway 2

Ability to lock Zoom at 100%

sixthsynth 1

Pan through / organize along timeline

Insancipitory 1


veryoldtimephoto 1

Astronomer Photos

veryoldtimephoto 2

mouse wheel zooming in full screen mode

kraps 2


veryoldtimephoto 0


veryoldtimephoto 0

Synth from a video?

Datalore 4


aj0020020 3

Google Streetview + Photosynth = FTW!

elliottbrooks 1

Manually fixing synths

Frogging101 8

Photosynth Server Status

viofam 4

Super Computing

aj0020020 3

Protecting endangered cultural sites

botocudo 1

An option to snap to 100% photo size

Nathanael 1

Windows live web active

veryoldtimephoto 1


mrhabano 1

Keeping zoom level for lateral moves

ZiadJ 1

Changing the thumbnail

curtw 3

Photosynth activity on Windows Live Home page

jamiet 3


DublinGal 6

Internet Links in Synth Descriptions, Comments, et cetera

Nathanael 5

Where is the Old Photosynth Player?

m.loizou 5

Photo Sequence

TomPhilo 1

Synths in the Forum

Nathanael 1

Being able to freeze Point Cloud

lostinthetriangle 7

Not really a feature request, but a request of features

tbenedict 3

A Free OFFLINE version

radcom 5

Button for Point Cloud

EdLee 2

Synth in video file and Mark not synth photos

tchhua 1

Hard to find features

Inflexible 1

Silverlight !

blackLabrador 1

Add/Delete Groups and Pictures

Insider55 13

Private Synths

aj0020020 4

Cant get my synths over 50 percent synthy

matroqs 2

Photo "morphing"

DoggySpew 1

Use Synth for Room Decorating Tool

Andrewhale 1

Searching is Vague

Kyle_Barnard 2


LikeRain 2

Download Progress Meter

EdLee 8

True Public Release

johnathanseal 2

Stereo Pair Generation?

tbenedict 5

Photosynth Picture

lostinthetriangle 3

Reaching Server Maximum Limit!

lostinthetriangle 2

Splitting and Stitching Spaces

seanfx 1

Inport photos

veryoldtimephoto 1

Website layout

bitplane 1


veryoldtimephoto 1

Option to turn off texture filter

bitplane 0

64-bit client

bitplane 0

Search capabilities for the forum

Marvin 4

Forum search

bitplane 1

Re-using photos

bitplane 1

combining synths

sndwa1 3

Tag metadata, Facebook-like

Maxime_Paquin 1

point cloud

pooleorchh 0


sndwa1 0

Related Synths'

sndwa1 0

Mask with Internet links

sndwa1 0

Uses . . .

amandamarief 2

Video Upload & 3D -> CAD

currysini 2


LikeRain 3

Top synths over the past 2 months

Fred_Oxford 2

Private Synths

JohnLWard 1

White boder

celineUBM 1

Publications and Photosynth

Headland 2

What if GIF ?

Pierrot21 0

Photosyth - Flickr API?

GlennKelly 0

Thumbnail & Start Position Options

EdLee 6

Notes in Synths

kevinharbin 3

How to express emotions (emoticons)

Shail 1

Tags to reduce computational time

EdLee 3

Doughnuts or Halos

Fred_Oxford 6

Map view explore

Nathan 3

Improve it for use on a own Site

andreasputz 1

How about a Manual Join option?

Richard_Faulkner 0

Really Cool Photo Program you developed !

jetranger 1

HITS- COUNTERS and Star Ratings *****

jetranger 1

Some more feature suggestions

Fred_Oxford 3

Categorizing synths

Fred_Oxford 5

Simple AND urgent

Pierrot21 1


awellsitis 8

Who is on-line?

Fred_Oxford 3

Inport Photos

veryoldtimephoto 0

PDF's in synth

XgenX 3

Bookmarking synths

Fred_Oxford 2

Forum should have plain background underneith text area

Fere 1

Organizing my profile

Pierrot21 1


veryoldtimephoto 0

Direct mail

Pierrot21 0


just4cruzn 0

Point Cloud in Silverlight Viewer

dariusmonsef 0