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Places I'd love to see synthed

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Buy Super Banknote,

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Will be showing shots from northern BC

luv2flutterby 4

Facebook + Photosynth

haddo 6

Create infomarker

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A 900 pic Photosynth 1 dismantled to Photosynths 2

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شرکت بنیان سازان شمال

BonianSazanShomal 4

creating synth's of tall structures

DHendy 3

Sensor Location

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Bing Map Dive In Feature

Farinosa 3

Structure from motion

Ross-Garland 5

Pointclouds / Aerial Photogrammetry / UAV / Small Sensor Digital Camera

garretbaquet 1

integrate photosynth in my aplication ios(iPhone/iPad)

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Joshua Tree National Park from 100ft to 95,000ft

Justin.Hamel 2

Photosynth in Education

tuklotski 2

Missing aeiral photos in bing map??

carl.c.madsen 2

The 'Occupy Wall Street' Movement

Nathanael 4

Capturing Typhoon Mina (Philippines) 1

Australia's The Block

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3d models of old towns

akazz20 2

Feature request: Stitching together jpg maps?

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Gettin your synth on Bing Maps

ryanchahl 9

First F1 World Race in Rome

BirdEye 2

Adding GPS co-ordinates

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Flood in Brisbane, Australia

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using a GPS equipped camera?

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Map alignement

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July 18: Talk on Photosynth for Central Florida Computer Society (by Swami)

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First aerial one I have got to sit properly

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Aerial Synths

TonyErnst 29

The home of Peter Pan

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Photosynth + Google Earth/Maps

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Greece, Lesvos, Molivos

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News synths

K 4

Seven Continents, Seven Synths

TonyErnst 2

Sydney's Red Dust Storm

Nathanael 1

Glastonbury Festival 2009

bitplane 2

Group synths 2

Community synth.

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Live Maps bird's eye shots

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Countries Without Synths

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Live Maps

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frustrared! open my eyes!

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Hawaiian Synths

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