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Wrong previews for highlights

Brunnian 5

failed shares

oursharedemailforstuff 1

Forum text no longer wrapping on iPhone Safari

Nathanael 5

Adding Geotag after publishing

davidcomtois 3

the bug submission process

Brunnian 1

WP App

cyber_gram 8

Photosynth crashes

Ubusound 1

Windows 10 doesn´t support Silverlight >> No Photosynths

rruiz 5

Can't Edit Pano + Facebook Posting Error

Jstar1w20 8

Unable to sign in through ICE

TyroneRB 3

What happened to my Synth?

MattDuffinUK 2

How to restore accidentally deleted panos?

juzer99 3

Win 10 Tech Preview

JK_of_Seattle 4

Saving Highights

p13oyd 1

Presentation on iPad

DavidLingenfelter 1

Can't connect to windows live ID

chouonrow 3

Crashes every time on iOS 6.1.2

NevinBR 4

se cierra automaticamente

freetime1 0

Large Synth Hanging?

sir_ivar 12

Cannot sign in from ICE

tribal-warrior 4

Successful log in to MS account, unable to access my PS account

geoffrey0 0

Windows live ID problem

BenJuan 1

Unable to install photosynth

michaelpr 14

Photosynth Error - Just Takes One Photo

ApolloKryvo 3

adaptation of auto completion

mediatormedia 1

iphone 5 camera stops working

enricabrera 1

Windows 10 for phones

rsrsrsrs 0

First sign-in / create profile not functioning

bp2000 5

Не работает "Publish to web..." ICE

Starhim 3

Autotracking gone

OneB1t 5

Windows phone 1.8 version

animisiewaz 1

Photoshop plugin crashes photosynth...

burtonr 0

ICE - Photosynth error

Fifi666 26

Stiching on iPhone 5s doesn't work properly

achimb 22

My synths separate when I view them on my desktop

GaryGold 2

ICE 64-bit: file read error

Joscelin.Trouwborst 5

Can't Update to 1.8

TheSkyFox 7

iPhone Photosynth app quits immediately

rgwc 2

old account

DonnOki 17

What happened to highlights and full screen???

Farinosa 1

Search by user

Farinosa 1

Search function only in "My Synths"


Viewing embed on IOS 8 hangs

RDVoogt 0

Can´t get Photosynth from WP store

George_CZ 2

Can't sign in to photosynth program

Tomislav_Ladisic 12


Pearmtn 4

Upload Error

gio8888 3

ICE error message

DonnOki 1

Can't Connect to Facebook with IOS8

rwt20 8

Buggy, camera doesn't seem to move

Suraj_DLegend 6

Can't open any synths in IE11, just thumbnails

Brian.Grigg 3

Cannot start the photosynth program

saki1 2

iOS app crashes on boot if not granted access to the camera

javierPS 0

My public synths are missing

rvrofdreams 4

Problem with stitching

Ervine 1

Network error iPhone

mikeferm 15

22 (all) photos didn't upload, retry?

ConsultD 4

iframe embedding not loading

Tippeh 1

Share URL option gone

Delta767 4

Problems after switching language when input text on iOS

Thunder_Hou 0

Can't I stitch the photo's by my self?

ice6 9

URL will not copy. Cannot paste to Gigwalk. iPhone4

GypysMoth 1

Panorama bug, wont give me a 360 degree rotation

corealex 0

camera stops working

caput 1

App not opening on iOS 7.06

billtang79 0

Can't connect to windows live

zconomy 4

Pano not uploading & Thumbaul image

GuidoZanon 0

Photos problem

karvounisyachting 2

buggy spin synth

andyc1202 1

Cannot log in with LIveID

Phototravler 4

Synths on Map not showing

Joscelin.Trouwborst 1

Silverlight completely locks my Windows xp computer

NateLawrence 1

Silverlight 5 in Chrome on the Mac

David-Photosynth-Team 2

iPhone app does not upload!

sbarda 43

Constantly asks for silverlight

Refinco 2

Sliverlight not working in Mac iOS 10.8? 0

New WP8 App turns my Camara Lense Green

Centaur63 8

No Silverlight support for OS X Mavericks?

tnproperty 4

Edit highlights

AndreR 7

[WP8][L920] Can't take 360 degree panorama

poLuz 1

Uploading from iphone - Gets to 20% then fails - "Network Error"

Binaryfart 6

Putting Panoramas Back in my App?

CaptainMorgan 7

Can't capture ... any new photosynth anymore

kulkulkan 2

Can't log into my account...

collisionbend1a 0

Silverlight crashes in Bing maps

Virtual_World_Marketing 4

This forum is not searchable???

Wraiththe 5

Sharing on FB

Wraiththe 1

Photosynth not opening properly from facebook

Joscelin.Trouwborst 2

Facebook share link loop

Wraiththe 0

I can't log in on photosynth 2.110.317.1042

bijvoorbeeld 1

embedding photosynth in a website but not working.

hamkitii 7

'Experiencing a network error'

kungphil 5

can't stitch on ipod touch V4

romain34 1

uploading from WP8

cezirkle 2 does not recognize plugins in Internet Explorer 11 Developer Preview for Windows 7

Nathanael 1

Multi-Photographer Synths Show Inaccurate Photographer Credit on Photos

Nathanael 1

"Can't Capture" - WP8, Lumia 920

KevenDubinsky 6

Library pictures missing but stills still in camera roll

FrancisLee 2

Can't upload from iPhone4

Cagwa 17

Problem if GPS in EXIF is semicolon delimited

rwmcnab 0

Stuck in a loop

TargetDriver 3

Bing Map App for Photosynth

dougmath 0

Problem with Facebook

alerizzo 4

Can't login with iPhone 4

Ainanymous 1

Can.t stitch panorama - iPhone 4S

gleavek 8

Leaves fall off whenever I try to make an account

ericalea 1

Failure to Publish (04/03/13)

JPDuffy 3

Is there an issue with geotag?

VsKbPhotos 6

Silverlight installation not recognized

dharmaphotos 5

Map misplacement

Joscelin.Trouwborst 1

[WP7] Can't take 360 degree panorama

energywave 5

Creating panorama

kjwright39 2

Microsoft Ice - Publish to Photosynth

xmetrix 18

Alot of photosynths wont load... says can't load

DontPanic 1

Error A0000009

chris_james 2

Unable to create new Photosynth


Can I share a photosynth between accounts?

davidgerhardart 2

Endless problems sharing to Facebook with the iOS app

hrak 4

Cannot open photosynth...Photosynth service is not available

matthew.19 1

Facebook Login

l_doddrell 0

Photosynth does not load

e6c 6

HTTPS-Everywhere 3.0.4

e6c 0

Experiencing network issues bug (again)

Craig_Dunn 0

printing or ordering???

slopoek 2

Thumbnails missing

bitplane 6

Black thumbnail once edited

panoramasjjr 2

Blank thumbnails on iOS6

ericduhaime 13

iOS: panorama turned out upside down

nikkig 1

Can't Create A New Synth

Todace 0

Sharing on facebook from Windows phone: "All items shared" but nothing is shared..

diegocaracciolo 0

Unable to log into Photosynth

YCLim 2

"photosynth" would like to access your photos

balance_and_fit 7

Bing maps suck here in China

MarkBourne 1

Photosynth isnt available. Please try agian later.

autopoika 1

Known Issue: Some Synths Not Loading (May 14th)

dariusmonsef 8

Photosynth corrupts Finnish names

FinnSpeed 3

[iPod/iPhone] Stitch Crash at 37%

valent-photosynth 32

Place - cant add

Onipaa 4

Photosynth stuck in iOS update queue

ExileStockholmer 5

Error Installing Photosynth on Win7 x64. Details Inside

TheSynthesizer 2

Embeded Photosynth makes website jump on load

DontPanic 7

Missing Deep Zoom Collection file with Direct3D Viewer

Nathanael 1

Editing a synth

MePhotosynth 5

Can't login to live from iPhone 4, iOS5.0.1

Darwin226 11

use Microsoft ICE but can't upload in Photosynth

rigamonti_vgentili 2

Photosynths forbidden in Bing?

mmm777 0

How to hide the arrows on top of synth

matze1978 1

Restore pictures taken before reinstalling

YingTK 2

Won't let me go full 360 degrees

Meganny 2

Synther used to work, now does not

pewtertankard 2

Cannot view PhotoSynth - Win7 x64, IE9, Silverlight 4 (4.0.51204.0)

chrismtodd 10

Unable to stitch--can I rescue?

BioTurboNick 3

iPhone 4S - Facebook upload crashing!!!!

mattybacon 0

Automatic geotagging giving the wrong location

jbphotosynths2 3

photosynth api problam

mushona 3

JavaScript API not working (?)

Pterneas 3

Cannot install photosynth

Clayton.Scogin 3

Backing up Photosynth

tympani 0

rename a file = upload error

matmatnc 4

Stuck on Can't Capture

winonawyatt 3

98%sinthy, 150 pics...

brunosra 0

can't use SynthExport PhotosynyhServiceSoap

kontellis 4

Sharing with Facebook doesn't work

photosynthesized1 3

My Photo's are not Synthies

avrhamo 3

Panorama publish not working. False "Photosynth not installed..." message

daphra 4


Prusey 24

Embedded Content using the PS JS API erroneously point to host's domain on iOS

Nathanael 2

Need Help Accessing My Account

JHGrove3a 1

Photosynth does not install

vlk95 3

my synths are not in the line-up.....WHY ???

john_and_others 4

from where are viewers coming?

recks 1

Tamil UNICODE tag search bug

Umapathy 0

Forum topic + post counts combine to form a telephone link.

NateLawrence 1

Cant login to upload from iPhone

aidanmyles 22

Photosynth iPhone app 'Invalid username or password'

marmite22 10

Upload problem today -- what to do about it

David-Photosynth-Team 1


Joscelin.Trouwborst 8

Photosynth on Windows Developer Preview

avatarpr 5

Why does the Direct3D viewer not work in Windows 8 Desktop Internet Explorer 10 Platform Preview

Nathanael 3

Settings not Remembered in iOS App 1.1.1

David-Photosynth-Team 0

Can't edit my synths?

ikjoyce 7

Pin overlap op Bing

Joscelin.Trouwborst 0

Where did Photosynth go for windows??

GaryMortimer 4

Crash while stitching

adonlevy 1

Yes, your leaf fell.. And I provided a fix! 0

White squares, pictures separated?

coldpumpkin 4

Cooperation ICE + Photosynth

sodastream 7

Proxy Settings

pavelkr67 1


VsKbPhotos 2

Firefox 4 breaks the Direct3D Viewer

NateLawrence 9

Stitching Problem

Kahuna 4

Photosynth does not work

Zichen_Liu 18

publishing locked up

captain_jay_davies 60

Facebook sharing issue

eightdown 13

Search with national letters not working

mmm777 0

Thumbnail image not rotated

mmm777 0

Opera 11 breaks the Silverlight viewer

NateLawrence 8

Unable to view synths online

8enjí 1

Photosynth Service

rameena45 14

Error with the editor

NateLawrence 6

Bug app iphone

esteb45 11

iPhone app crashes when trying to upload

robskinn 44

PhotosynthInstall_21103171042.exe is not a valid win32 application

thawhiterose 1

Authentication Servers Not Working...!!

jackshepherd 4

Silverlight not being recognized

jdneedham 9

New RSS Feeds point to the Deep Zoom Collection files

Nathanael 5

Failed installing Photosynth

gea.ardi 8

All Synths only show a black screen

marnusviljoen 5

Ici to Photosynth

VsKbPhotos 10

Reinstall on iPhone 4.3.3 2

Crash in the middle of an upload...

Tom_Moran 1

Could we have an update on the app crash?

bendy 3

can't connect to windows live

jfk21 4

Using 2 embeds on the same page problem?

jrvip1 8

iPod touch crashes when triying to upload

Amandeeep 4

Problem with our storage servers

David-Photosynth-Team 0

Publishing doesnt work

jorgmeister 4

Freezing at the start iPhone App

TyMorrisonHeath 1

Stuck in publishing phase

photosynthisgreat 1

Publishing Duplication and Freeze

PGRic 3

The photosynth service is not available. Please try again later

Filthy_Rich 2

The page handler for mobile links to panos does not pass camera parameters

Nathanael.Lawrence 0

Stuck at "Publishing" bug is back

GigaView 10

Stuck at Publishing Synth

Vessper 31

A synth or pano's "Unlisted" status is no longer displayed to anyone except its author.

Nathanael 1


cherry.trey 5

Sometimes search doesn't work.

bill.ania 2

Geo pin misplacement

OmniSynThesis 16


xulfi20101 0

Not 100%, why?

OmniSynThesis 6

multi-word tags

OmniSynThesis 3

Inconsistent Photographer Credit in Panoramas

NateLawrence 0

100%, but navigation discontinuities

OmniSynThesis 0

"Dive in" on Bing Maps doesn't appear to account for the map being rotated to East, West, or South

NateLawrence 1

Photosyth in Windows Live Spaces


Stuck At Publishing Synth

MASantangelo 7

Can't create a synth

wm2010 2

Silverlight can't break out of install loop

elfrench 2

Frozen at "Publishing synth" for 23 hours (so far)

jxfxsunshine 6

File format

jonprovencher 1

The Photosynth logo on the site is a random image for me this morning

Nathanael 2

Photosynth install corrupted cabinet file.

Radient737 5

Tons of tearing in the Photo quads this morning

Nathanael.Lawrence 2 causing pages to hang

Void23 0

Could not publish to Photosynth (Error code)

GigaView 9

Viewing a synth -- CPU hogging

texas_ed 1

embed phosynth image as background

jon.renner 3

cant view synths

deanmacgregor 9

Beginner Question

Pemberton 3

wrong position

Antoine.v 2

Old links need to redirect to their modern replacements

Nathanael 2

Orientation broken (synth gets flipped upside down)

andreasbalzer 3


jamesgillard 3

2010 August 14's Server Errors

Nathanael 0

An interesting test of Synthiness..

RogerGu 1


motobear50 13

Synther doesn't notify that panoramas have been automatically geotagged.

PanzerOceania 0

IE8 on Win7 32bit stopped working

OmniSynThesis 3

IE8 stopped on Geotag test

OmniSynThesis 0

panoramic synthiness inconsistent

OmniSynThesis 0

ICE stitches while Photosynth delivers 0%

OmniSynThesis 0

Delete non Synthed Photos

mirroruk 3

Part of panorama doesn't load

Fifi666 4

MS ICE loads on one Window 7 Account but not another

Sharon_Clarity 0

Failing to upload to Photosynth

Core5 7

name change doesn't show when sharing

focusp 2

authentication error

chewjs 3


dsvaughn 1

Running out of memory!

lostinthetriangle 11

Geotagged photos mapped to wrong location

brent.of.all.people 2

Got silverlight to crash

microwar 1

I can see but can't create

RedSux 7

Sad puzzle piece error

Joneyes 4

synth button greyed out

starace 3

pswebclient.exe application failed to initialize 0xc0150002

backdownhipi 0

Very wierd "glich".

jimcseke 4

Photosynth do not display on the

sgalagan 5

Error Saving

chris.alexander 2

Alvin Orleng Zhu in Related Synths

Nathanael 10

All forum posts since the site update are marked as posted 'Moments ago'

Nathanael 5

"Delete" button invisible

lbt 2

Photosynth web site really slow

aasha 2

Can't view any synths

wallach1 9

two unlisted synths not viewable

Every_Day_Aerials 3

Error saving - Photos not stitching properly

chris.alexander 1

Geotagging Test Error

popbonsai 7

New exception occuring (did not occur 2 months ago)

paulness15 1


Fifi666 1

Update issues

Joneyes 4

Incorrectly displays the name - Russian characters are replaced with "?".

kudrdima 7

In the new 'View' page, it is now unclear which tag the 'x' is going to delete.

Nathanael 1

Instances of Errors for: Overhead View: It isn't looking straight down.

Nathanael 5

Synth button not found

kyleswinney 2

wacky overhead view

jimcseke 5

Partially lost synth

jimcseke 5

My First Synth

Tom_Corrao 4

Can't start Photosynth on my computer

Eunice_Art 9

I am a newbie

BlazeinBaja 1

confusing order of photos

illuxon 4

Thumbnail is of a removed photo

hoohah 6

Keyboard shortcut kinks in the Silverlight 3 Viewer

Nathanael 3

Synther leaves out photos that obviously synth

Sphynctre 4

Newest synther now purges previous logs when creating a new one

Nathanael 0

Uploader doesn't work

AndreR 5

the page doesn't recognize silverlight

Herl 8

100 % Synthy 360 Degree Panorama Invalid Point Cloud

sherwingws 0

exact same photos from months before, but inferior results.

mzaloon 7

continuation.. exact same synth, this time, better results...

mzaloon 1

Synth is upside down, when all photos were loaded right side up.

Steve.Lawrence 0

Highlight tag is way out in left field in Overhead View

Nathanael.Lawrence 2

List synths that have images that are failing to resolve here

Nathanael 0

Some synths of GPS tagged photos are automatically geotagged in the Atlantic

Nathanael 3

Impossible to use apostrophes in synth tags

Nathanael 1

Clicking on "synth" continues to ask for Silverlight installation

pegpaw 12

Different points in point clouds

pope_luke 7

Sorting search results for my username by 'Best Synth' results in...

Nathanael 4

"Why did this happen" no longer correctly queries Get Satisfaction

Nathanael 1

I can't view any synths

gttiorjngirege 1

i cant sign in

Camosam03 1

Geo tagging and mapview

lostinthetriangle 3

'How to Synth' video is down.

Nathanael 2

user authentification

warrenellison01 1

Unable to Geotag, IE or Firefox

sherwingws 4

Can't deinstall Photosynth

badoli 0

Number Sorting in Filenames

Nathanael.Lawrence 0

Photosynth Linux: only see black screens

thanasi67 6

Percent sign, ampersand, dollar sign! And colon, semicolon, too!

Nathanael 2

Unable to Rotate around object

SlantedJ 2

Comment field bug

microwar 2

Synthing is all over the place

AZJoe 7

Some photos remains blurry

Erik.Mostert 4

Photosynth API & custom controls

rickwilliams 2

Make our lives easier! and upload the pictures and use remote computers to process the synth

Joneyes 5

LET us Download Mulitiple or single pictures we Have posted in our Synth

Joneyes 2

2 Synths near hear...

Midopho 4


eceblogger_unh 1

Never seems to finish

ms_carousel 2

The sound of us banging on our authentication

texasdbs 6

Missing the last stage to create the Photosynth!

annickjanson 3

Searching is vague

Kyle_Barnard 3

Can not view direct3d

dreheri 5

Can not view Synths.

Dave-Air 10

Photosynth is super slow!

hunterman 2

New Synth is CRAZY

allthefinestinwood 8

Can't view synths on Ubuntu with Moonlight plugin

orenshani 2

Iceweazel + moonlight 2.0 Preview + Photosynth

gh975223 1

Uninstalling Photosynth

gmirzan 1

Trouble Geotagging

sherwingws 1

double click on synth photo bug

sixthsynth 1


hurtzmyhead 1

Order of Photos

allthefinestinwood 7

publishing .....nothing

chileno562 20

Could not load Synth, owner may have deleted

moltenphoto 5

I can't put the button "Synth"

nu_ryo 4

Embed Problem

aj0020020 4

Won't publish

tman117 10

Chunky Point Cloud?

CharlPe 2


jason.grace1 11

Creating a Synth

Jenny7 7

New Web Site Features (and Bugs)

lostinthetriangle 6

stops at Reconstruction Scene!

prabhakaran 2

Web Page acting-up Cannot delete synths

lostinthetriangle 4

reinstalling photosynth

amyjewel 1

can't save changes in synth description

inkoginko 3

Missing from index


Satellite Map is outdated in Hong Kong

ottolee 1

Firewall blocks the "Create Synth" tool

Synthy-Steve 1

Double (ghost) Point cloud

lostinthetriangle 5

Clogging Photosynth server

staff 3

Point cloud goes black!

lostinthetriangle 4

Photosynth plug in does not run.

brestnichki 1

Sequence out of order

CoreDad 3

Solving Errors

adamalbertclark 1

Firefox 3.0.7 is crashing non-stop

jbk4758 1

Against the laws of computing!

Pierrot21 5

Title does not support Unicode character

ottolee 1

Photosynth doesn't work after upgrade

Itisme 5

Not consistent

sndwa1 0

Halos Missing

EdLee 8

100% Synth but Disjointed Chunks

EdLee 4

Ambiguous Analysis?

VictorEngel 1

~ does not work in Map Explorer

Huub_Smit 3

SOS the museum is sinking!

Pierrot21 0

Stuck at "Creating a new synth"

Hastarin 3

Minimum system requirements for PhotoSynth?

EdLee 1

ghost point cloud

snoop 1

can't access my synths

thinboyfatter 1

Internet Explorer on Windows Vista

bigelarkin 3

rotate synth

snoop 2

"How To" for account and application

dariusmonsef 0

stuck at "signing up" on XP 64

avshalom 2

"memory bug" where does it come from?

Pierrot21 0

This works as well as Vista

Mapman51 1

stuck at

pyrephoenix 1

I can’t delete my synths!

dariusmonsef 2


Lothman 3

Recently Synthed

Fred_Oxford 4

Sign in: mission impossible

pavolc 5

Black background with stars

hamd01 1

cant add it in my profile on friendster!!!

poltergeist313 0

Photosynth and win32 no exe?

henriquevas 0

Taking prints from my synth

photofaun 1

Visual glitch: thumbnail slider arrows have quirky behavior

Fere 0

Removing individual photos without going through the "create" process

Fred_Oxford 5