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recovering lost synths from retired app

iamemi 1

Photosynth ipa file

rcan 2

No more updates for the Photosynth mobile apps

PhotosynthTeam 19

Download Panoramas (as jpeg) to my local PC drive

tatortreiniger 4

how to delete a panorama from the iPhone App

paolo3d 36

Upload image from computer

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imported Ricoh Theta images are upside down in Photosynth

tonphotosynth 7

delete pictures from iphone4

zorandodo 8

Can I upload pics from the mobile app?

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Unstitch last photo

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la aplicacion ya no es compatible con iOS6.1.6

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Photosynth + iPhone

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Failed to create Photosynth user on iPhone

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Impossible to upload from iPhone

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Something deleted my panoramas

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Photosynth for Android

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Transfer from Lumia to ATIV photosynths lost

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Where Is My Photos?!

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Download Photosynth TO iPhone


How to transfer the panos from iphone to desktop

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Version 1.8 Photosynth

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How Can We Make The App Better?

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iPhone deletion

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Looking forward to using the mobile app

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Problem with upload on Photosynth

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Iphone compatibility

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how to re-connect twitter account?

cott 2

Upload error - apparently confused by old post from Twitter credentials

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How to process .frame files because stitching isn't working after restoring my iphone from a backup

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Can't Open Synth with SeaDragon

photo_dog 15

Apple 8.0

dustynelson 9

iOS app crashes on boot if not granted access to the camera

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uploading photos from an iphone

gordonandmorgan 45

Tap to start does nothing

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High resolution Photosynth

carlose.morais 30

Multiple photo upload

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Geographical location information for Ricoh Theta images

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How to xfer everything to a new iphone?

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New Apps

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Viewing images taken in photosynth on computer

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I want to disable my Twitter account on Photosynth on iPhone

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Adding back an image in the app

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Viewing in IOS

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Getting URL for my photosynth

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Photosynth account gone on iPhone

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Panorama cannot be viewed on

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Export HighRes JPG Images?

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How you save a Synth to desktop for image retouching then publish back?

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problem login windows live id

luizo 88

Can't upload photosynth using Windows Phone

rhernani 17

Renaming panoramas

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how to delete pictures in "library" ?

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Photosynth on SkyDrive ?

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Photosynth for Windows Phone 7 vs Windows Phone 8

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Great Full Spheres with String & iPhone

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Saving other people's panoramas to camera roll 0

Can't find the app @ appstore

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Surface RT

libbie 2

Mobile App in constant loop

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Deutsch: Hilfe beim erstellen

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all pictures taken with photosynth gone

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what cameras can make panorama shoots like iphone

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WoW - Photosynth HTML panorama view on iPhone/iPad !?

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Photosynth, iPhone and 360 pano tripod mount

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Photosynth takes up MB on iPhone

richyau 3

change properties

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cant upload my 360 panorama

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Software Development Company Ahmedabad

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Windows Phone 8 Version?

pkellner 65

Android Application Development India

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Share to camera roll not working (IOS)

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Error code C101a006 when trying to install

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Lumia 920

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New to photosynth

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For Sale 2x Pioneer CDJ-350 + DJM-350 White Package

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View Embeded photosynth without Silverlight

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Viewing embedded panos in iPhone

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Refresh library doesn't recognize new Synths

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Panorama taken with iPhone needs rotating

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How to pick where the picture cuts off instead of the ap doing it for you?

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retirez photo iphone garder photo compte pc

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integrate photosynth in my aplication ios(iPhone/iPad)

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Add location on existing panorama

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How ot create

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Paid Survey for Photosynth users

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32 Bit Plug in Required?

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Selecting the center of the panorama

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Sync Photosynth to other phone

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zooming and iphone4

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360 panorama problem

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RonaldL 3

Getting Photosynths printed??

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Panoramas and Synths

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LG Optimus 7 and Photosynth issue

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Photosynth for WP7 & its bugs

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Announcing Photosynth for Windows Phone

David-Photosynth-Team 13


leoj1972 5


CruzinCostaRica247 3

Live Tile panning, zooming of panoramas on Windows Phone?

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Photosynth for Windows Phone 7

JamesvandenBerg 221

i guess i should have bought an iphone!

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Photosynth vs iPhone vs Facebook

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remove date time stamp

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export to another viewer?

aasleeth 3

black screen after tap to start

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Change resolution

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Cannot upload; app says " no neaybusinesses found

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Photsynth Mobile

TriState360 5


Buscasas 3

Create new "Place"

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edit panoramas

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export failed

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Problems uploading from iPhone

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authentication error

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photo's not lining up forrectly after stitching 2

Black areas on top and bottom on exported JPG's

C360 10

Save cubemap?

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iPad 1 support for photosynth client?

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Upload panoramas directcly from my iPhone to my Photosynth account

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can't get ceiling with photosynth pans, any suggestions?

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Edit iPhone Photosynth

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No news about the Summer Xbox Contest

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Problems uploading pano from my Iphone

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Retouch panorama

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Embedding panos for pc and mobile

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Trouble with 360 on iPhone app

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Facebook login

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App Crashes.

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Mega Panoramas

skidad 3

iPhone Troubles

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Answerexport flat panorama to facebook ? shoot 360 x 180 ?

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pictures from iphone are unlisted

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Pixeet Fish-eye lens

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Best Mobile Uploads

TonyErnst 8

Emailing Pics?

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App crash

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Wie kann ich ein Panorama von Photosynth auf mein iPhone übertragen?

jk82 3

Fisheye Lens ?

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When we get photosynth version to symbian?

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Photosynth for Windows Mobile 5

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Stitching mobile photosynths

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Our iPhone App is now available

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Not able to upload same synth twice.

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Public Folder view - How?

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View other people images with the app?

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Sharing on Facebook

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Save if offline on my computer or CD

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Any recommendation on tripod?

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Photosynth Japan Facebook page

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Size of uploaded synth photo from the Iphone

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Login Info.

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