Publishing Panoramas to Photosynth

Users of Microsoft Research's popular and free panoramic stitcher, Image Composite Editor, can upload their beautiful creations to Photosynth and share them with friends and enthusiasts worldwide. Here's an example:

View from St Peter's Bascillica over Rome, by PasiM. Click the "Expand" button above to view  in glorious full-screen. 

Photosynth LOVES your high-resolution panoramas. Every last stitched pixel is uploaded, and through the power of Deep Zoom your viewers can smoothly zoom to the details whether you've got a 20 megapixel pano shot on a point-and-shoot, or a 10 gigapixel monster shot with your DSLR on the latest robotic head.

Even better, your glorious pixels wrap a full 360 degrees if that's what you shot, and even fill in above to capture that amazing ceiling you were looking at. Try doing that with a flat pano!

Sharing your Panoramas

Once your panorama has been uploaded to, it will have its own page and all the normal sharing and embedding options you'd expect:

Photosynth sharing controls

Privacy and Copyright

By default everything you publish is publically accessible on, but there are simple controls for you to change this. Read all about it.


Photosynth is free, even for commercial use. Read more about it here.

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Thousands of ICE users are uploading their panoramas to Photosynth. Here are the best of the recent ones.

Ready to get Started?

To publish to Photosynth you'll need to create a Photosynth account, and download the Photosynth processing application. If you don't already have ICE, you can download it here. Then just click the "Publish to Web" button from ICE and your panorama will be composited for Photosynth and uploaded.