Mobile Panoramas

Capture, upload, share, and view Photosynth panoramas wherever you go with the Photosynth app for Windows Phone and iOS. These panoramas can be created wherever you carry your phone. Capture strange incidents at local businesses, incredible vertical drops in the Norwegian fjords, or whatever places or events inspire you. From just a few stitched photos up to full spherical panoramas, the Photosynth app allows you to take Photosynth on the go and use it anytime.

Photosynth App Capture
Photosynth App Capture 2
Photosynth App Stitching

The app features an innovative capture system that lets you see your progress during capture, powered by Photosynth’s computer vision algorithms. Your images are quickly stitched together into an interactive panorama which you can explore right on your device. All of your panoramas are stored on your device so you can view or share them at any time. Plus, you can view everything in your existing account on the device with the interactive streaming viewer.

Photosynth App Viewing
Photosynth App Twitter Sharing
Photosynth App Facebook Sharing

The Photosynth app is full of ways to share your panoramas from your device. To share an immersive experience, just store your interactive panoramas on and then announce it to your social network. Also, you can keep a flat image of your panorama in your Camera Roll or share it with your Facebook friends or your Twitter followers.

The app is currently released on Windows Phone 7.5 and above, and on the iPhone 3GS and above, the iPad 2 and above, and the 4th generation iPod Touch. Download it from the Windows Phone Marketplace or the iOS App Store now.