Privacy in Photosynth

If you upload a panorama or a synth and accept all the default choices, your content will be public. Everyone on the Internet will be able to find it and view it.

If you would like to prevent other people from finding your pano or synth on the Photosynth Web site you can make it "unlisted". Unlisted panos and synths are not securely private, they are simply not listed on the Photosynth Web site.

This level of privacy is appropriate for some situations, but not for all. It may be appropriate if you are practicing with Photosynth and don’t want people to see your work until you’re happy with it. It may be appropriate if you have a synth of your family that you want to keep reasonably private. You can send the URL to your friends and family, and only people who receive the URL will be able to access the synth. Of course, if they forward the URL then whoever receives it will also be able to see the synth.

It is not appropriate for anything that needs to be securely private. In particular, Photosynth does not support secure encrypted access, and it currently has no way to restrict access to only a nominated set of authenticated users.

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Unlisted synths and panos have the following differences from their public counterparts:
  • If you search our site you won’t find them.
  • Internet search engines should not index them.
  • Our "Explore" pages never list them.
  • They never show up as "related" synths to a synth you’re viewing on our site.
  • They are hidden when someone other than you is looking at your profile.
But be warned - they share the following important behavior with the public ones:
  • Anyone who has the URL can view the synth. If you forward it to a friend and they put it on their blog, then everyone who reads their blog will be able to access your synth.
  • You can embed them in a Web page. If you choose to embed an unlisted synth in a Web page, then anyone who visits that page will be able to see the synth.

Limits on Unlisted Synths and Panos

Photosynth is a free service. You are permitted 20GB of storage for public content, and 1GB for unlisted content. Users are also restricted in the number of views their unlisted synths can attract. Currently we are limiting unlisted synths to 500 views/month. If you suspect that you will need more than these limits allow, please contact

Making Your Synth or Pano Public or Unlisted

When you create a desktop synth or pano you can choose to make it listed or unlisted using the visibility control in ICE or the Photosynth App.

Need to change the public/unlisted status of something after you’ve uploaded? Just sign in to the Photosynth Web site, find the pano or synth in question, edit it, and adjust its visibility:

Unlisted viewer